James Pedeaston is an unseen character in the Grand Theft Auto series.


Pedeaston hosted The Wild Traveler show on WCTR in 1992, although it is apparently syndicated to nine other stations. He enjoys traveling the world and logging some of his most 'exotic' encounters in his travelogue, some of which he accidentally reads on-air to the disgust of the listeners. His favorite memory seems to be a relationship with a boy named Avrindar in Sri Lanka. His show appears to be so reviled by his listeners that at one point, the few callers who phone in proceed to insult him. For example, a caller tells him to stop droning on about other countries and focus on talking about where he lives. At one point he received a phone call from a suicidal man in Verdant Bluffs who wanted to go to hell. Pedeaston replies with "Me too! Buy me a refrigerator magnet when you get there". He also shows a preference towards countries around Asia and the Middle East, claiming that Europe is "overrated".

Pedeaston speaks with an English accent, possibly implying that he was originally from England or of English decent.

In 2003, Pedeaston was arrested in Bali, Indonesia on suspicion of child molesting. He stood trial for the accusations and was found guilty on 23 October 2003.

JamesPedeastonWOF GTAV

His star on the Vinewood Walk Of Fame in 2013, during Grand Theft Auto V.

A fund-raising website,, appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and attempted to raise funds to pay Pedeaston's $100,000 bail, but the website only managed to raise $23.

Pedeaston is one of the honoured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame in Grand Theft Auto V.



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