"What's this guy's problem? He's riding my ass."
―Jackson Skinner

Jackson Skinner is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Skinner was the Head of Product Development at computer applications company, Facade. Through the company, Skinner acquired massive compilations of consumer data and then illegally sold it to companies and government agencies all over the world, making him a multi-millionaire.

Lester Crest, a major shareholder in the rival Fruit Computers, discovered records of Skinner's illegal transactions and decided to eliminate him in order to make a massive profit in the stock market, figuring his murder could easily be attributed to any of the many rivals he acquired over the course of his shady dealings. Lester hires Franklin Clinton to carry out the assassination, informing him that there is a prostitute that Jackson frequents on Fridays. Franklin spies on the prostitute in an alley on Mutiny Road in La Puerta and waits for Skinner to arrive, upon which he kills him.

As a result of Skinner's death, Facade's stock plummets, while Fruit Computers receives a massive bump in share prices.

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