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For the Flight School instructor in Grand Theft Auto V, see Jackson.

Welcome to the San Andreas Flight School, shit heel.
— JT Boyd

JT Boyd is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is an instructor for the San Andreas Flight School, which was introduced in The San Andreas Flight School Update, and he also narrates the update trailer.


JT is a retired marine and is now an instructor at the San Andreas Flight School, along with Jackson. He has a Southern accent and sounds like he is aged.


JT is offensive and will constantly insult trainees; his insults include "cadidiot", "cadork", and "doolie". He also shows no remorse or regret when his cadets are killed, saying on one course (Engine Failure), "This is one of my favorite exercises, because it's one where we lose a lotta recruits". On the positive side, on some missions when the player is doing good, he will encourage him/her to keep going, showing that he actually cares about students sometimes.


  • It is likely that Jackson trains beginner pilots, while JT gives advanced lessons to already active pilots.
  • JT is the first character who was added in a DLC.
  • JT's voice and behavior mimics that of a stereotypical drill sergeant: abusive, old, insulting, disrespectful, and tough.
  • One of JT's insults, "doolie", is a term used by the United States Air Force Academy to refer to a cadet freshman.[1]