Not to be confused with J.B. Smoove, a voice actor in Grand Theft Auto V.

JB Bradshaw is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto V.


JB Bradshaw and his girlfriend Tonya Wiggins are old friends of Franklin's. From what Franklin says, he's known JB for 20 years.

During the mission "Pulling One Last Favor", it is revealed that Franklin's grandfather once caught him and JB selling cigarettes, and, in Tonya's words, "chased them all over South LS".

According to Lamar Davis, he and JB met when they participated in a threeway. While they were having sex, their penises accidentally brushed together. Lamar is embarrassed by this, and wishes to keep it to himself, despite JB reminding him about it on his Lifeinvader.

He has a job as a tow truck driver alongside with Tonya, but his addiction to crack often causes him to slack off on the business. Because of this, Franklin has to help the couple in five Strangers and Freaks missions driving JB's tow truck.

Despite having a job, JB seems to be desperate for money. This is seen on Lifeinvader, where Tonya messages Franklin, asking him for twenty dollars that he apparently owed JB since 1998. He also asks Lamar for 200 dollars, and reminds Demarcus Bradley about fives dollars that he owes him.


  • He has a Lifeinvader account and will post on the timelines of Franklin, Tonya, Lamar, and Stretch throughout the story.
  • His name is a possible reference to Former WWE Professional Wrestler John Layfield's ring names of John "Bradshaw" Layfield or JBL and Bradshaw.
  • Tonya mentions on the Strangers and Freaks missions "Pulling Favors" and "Pulling One Last Favor" that JB is Franklin's cousin. Franklin, however, denies this.