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The Itali is a sports car in Grand Theft Auto 1.


Grand Theft Auto 1

The Itali loosely resembles a Mercedes-Benz SL, despite its name, which suggests that it is based on an Italian sports car. The vehicle spawns in a convertible form.


Grand Theft Auto 1

It is a fast car, with good handling, but only moderate durability.


Grand Theft Auto 1

  • Only seen driving around Liberty City. It is featured in three missions. In Opening Mission 1, the boss' kidnapped dog, Sasha is hidden in the trunk of an Itali. In mission Cossie 2, the player has to use a rigged Itali for blowing up Sonetti's lair. In mission Itali, the vehicle just serves as a spot for taking the mission, it is not necessary to use it for completion.


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