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Nothing ruins a picnic like hearing the Marabunta Grande and the Vagos are doing a deal you can stick up. On quad bikes, dirtbikes and Seasharks, three teams compete to get from the East of the Raton Canyon to an island in Paleto Cove. The team that gets the bonds being exchanged, and makes it back to their drop off with them gets to keep them.
— Description

Island Getaway is a 3-team versus mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar or map) in GTA Online freemode or from the Pause menu Jobs versus list.


The players split into 3 opposing teams to compete for the objective. Teams must travel by Sanchez, Blazer or Seashark to the island in Paleto Cove where the Marabunta Grande are meeting with the Vagos, steal the briefcase and return it to their repective start points.

Mission Objectives

  • Team: Goons (Start Point: North shore of Alamo Sea) with Seasharks
  • Go to the Coast
  • Steal the briefcase
  • Deliver the briefcase to the drop off.