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Guy's called Isaac Penny, ruthless vulture captalist, about to take a controlling interest in Vapid Motor Company and sell thousands of workers down the river.
Lester Crest on why Isaac Penny needs to be assassinated.

Isaac Penny is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto V.



Penny is a venture capitalist who, in 2013, planned to take a controlling stake in the Vapid Motor Company and planned to fire a fourth of the workforce in order to lower company stock value so that he could acquire a far greater majority share in the company.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

After finding out about Penny's plot, Lester Crest plotted to stop him, while simultaneously making a profit. Lester hires Franklin Clinton to assassinate Penny, telling him that Isaac is a "tight-fisted billionaire" who takes the same bus to and from work every day and thus should be easy to find.

Franklin takes control of the bus that covers Penny's route and eventually picks him up at a stop in Downtown Los Santos. However, Penny believes that the bus fare has gone up, so he quickly gets off and steals a parked bicycle to get home. Franklin gives chase and eventually kills Penny.

Penny's murder causes the stock prices of Vapid to go down, upon which Lester easily buys a large amount of them to sell later for a much higher price.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V



  • Penny's character model is that of a generic NPC. The same NPC model can be seen as one of the hostages during The Paleto Score.