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Only assholes retire, Michael! [Devin Weston] and my son, they want to put me out to pasture so they can turn this place into condos or a theme park or something.
Solomon Richards telling Michael De Santa about his son's deal with Devin Weston.

Ira Richards is an unseen character in the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


Ira Richards is the Vice President of Marketing at Richards Majestic and the son of film producer Solomon Richards.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

By 2013, during the events of Grand Theft Auto V, Richards Majestic Studio has run into financial difficulty after the economic failure of some of his more recent productions. Tired of the movie business, Solomon seeks to recover his studio's prestige and successfully retire after making one final movie: Meltdown. However, Ira has a deal with billionaire holdings investor Devin Weston, who is also a major shareholder in Richards' production company, to retire his father so he can create a line of apartments and a theme park at the movie studio site, after the recently closed down Lowenstein Studios.

Solomon is later introduced to Michael De Santa by Devin Weston. Michael, a big fan of Solomon's work, agrees to help his idol complete his swan song picture. Solomon manages to complete the film, but he gets betrayed by Weston, who decides to shut down the studio and the production in order to cash in on the insurance and so that he can sell the studio property and develop it into luxury condos. Weston gives the analogue copy of the film to his attorney, Molly Schultz, as she leaves the city so that she can dispose of it, but Michael follows her to the airport and attempts to recover the film, scaring Molly (who believes Michael is trying to kill her) and causing her to accidentally get sucked into a jet engine. The film is left untouched and Michael manages to recover it, only to later discover that Solomon shot digital copies just in case, which Michael wasn't aware of.

Ira's relationship with Devin Weston after the movie premiere is unknown, and he is never mentioned again in the story.

The Leonora Johnson Murder Case

Since 1975, the brutal murder and dismemberment of starlet Leonora Johnson, has remained unsolved, and captivated conspiracy theorists. Now, there may be a breakthrough. Ira Richards, Vice President of Marketing at Richards Majestic, and grandson of movie mogul David Richards, told a reporter that his grandfather claimed to have destroyed a confession letter, in the weeks before his death. Mr. Richards senior passed away last year, at the age of one-hundred and three. His son Solomon Richards, has run the family studio since 1978, and told reporters he knew nothing beyond the fact his son was a moron, and his father was delusional.
Weazel News radio segment after Repossession.

At some point his grandfather, the famous Vinewood movie mogul David Richards, told him about a letter he tore to pieces about the Leonora Johnson murder case. Eventually a street hustler from South Los Santos, Franklin Clinton, would collect all fifty scraps and find out the truth behind the murder of Leonora Johnson.