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The Introduction to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is the zeroth mission and consists of cutscenes which begin when a new game is started.


The cutscene begins with a coach pulling up to Punk Noodles in Chinatown, Portland Island, Liberty City. The protagonist, Toni Cipriani, alights with a suitcase in hand. Toni walks to a payphone and calls a taxi, which takes him to Salvatore Leone's Gentleman's Club in Saint Marks. Toni meets with Salvatore, the Don of the Leone Family, who thanks him for what he did and for laying low. Salvatore tells Toni to take it easy and to work for Vincenzo Cilli, though Toni does not wish to do so. Salvatore calmly reminds Toni that he is Toni's boss and Toni should respect his wishes, and Toni relents and reluctantly agrees to work with Vincenzo. Vincenzo then asks Toni to take them to his warehouse in Atlantic Quays.

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  • This is the first introduction which does not introduce the game's main antagonist, followed by Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • The music playing in the cutscene is a remix of the Grand Theft Auto III theme.
  • The coach that Toni alights from has a unique light-blue and white paintjob,and has a license plate,the number is LC7723. Furthermore, the Coach in the cutscene has a modelled interior with a driver. This can be better seen in the mobile version.
  • The taxi that Toni hails has no driver. This was fixed in the mobile version.
  • The streets are empty during the cutscene. The only vehicles around are the taxi and the coach.