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It's one thing taking a score in Paleto Bay, it's another thing getting out of town with it. If one team of Runners can make it to a hideout in Raton Canyon, they keep the take. If the team of Hunters can take them all down, the money's theirs. If you're hospitalized, you won't get out in time to contribute.
— Description

Into the Wild is a 2-team versus mission in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar or map) in GTA Online freemode or from the Pause menu Jobs versus list.


The missions starts in Paleto Bay. The Runner team are given a choice of Sanchez dirtbikes and Blazer quadbikes along with Dominator muscle cars to use to escape to the hideout in Raton Canyon while being chased down by the Hunter team in Buzzard helicopters.

Mission Objectives