For the Internet in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Internet in GTA IV.
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The Internet reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, after its introduction in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Internet has been expanded upon heavily, providing much more use to the player than before. Unlike Grand Theft Auto IV's websites, in which most didn't feature any kind of interactivity, every single website in Grand Theft Auto V has, at least, one kind of minigame or functionality that the player can interact with. The browser bar is now more complete, featuring forward and back buttons and a browser history button. The Internet can be accesed via computers and now also from each of the protagonist's phone, making it possible for the player to browse through the in-game Internet at any part of the map. Provided that the player is a passenger at the time, they can also access the Internet through the computers in a Swift Deluxe, Luxor Deluxe, SuperVolito or SuperVolito Carbon.


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There are many websites in Grand Theft Auto V, each with its own function, some can be used to buy vehicles, like or, others to buy properties, like; however, this last function is only available in Grand Theft Auto Online. If the player wishes to go to a property they have found online, the website has a button that will set the GPS to guide the player towards the property.

Stock market is available in the game too. Both and are stock market websites where the player can browse and purchase stocks. The stocks are dynamic and will increase and decrease, which affects the amount of money the player receives.


  • When pointing at a clickable link online, the computer cursor has its middle finger, instead of an index finger sticking up.

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