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For the Internet in Grand Theft Auto V, see Internet in GTA V.

Eyefind homepage in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Internet reappears in Grand Theft Auto Online, and plays an important role in the game.


The game uses the same the heavily expanded Internet system from Grand Theft Auto V, along with several interactive websites introduced in the latter game, with exception of social networking websites (Bleeter and Lifeinvader) and online newspaper articles.

Like in the previous game, the Internet can be accesed via computers and now also from the protagonist's phone, making it possible for the player to browse through the in-game Internet at any part of the state of San Andreas or the island of Cayo Perico. Provided that the player is a passenger at the time, they can also access the Internet through the computers in a Swift Deluxe, Luxor Deluxe, SuperVolito or SuperVolito Carbon.

Inside of the player's properties, computers can used to upgrade and operate their businesses on their own websites (or, in the Motorcycle Club business case, through the The Open Road network on the Dark Net)


There are many websites in Grand Theft Auto Online, each with its own function, some can be used to buy vehicles, like or and others to buy properties, like and Maze Bank Foreclosures. If the player wishes to go to a property they have found online, the website has a button that will set the GPS to guide the player towards the property.

The player can also purchase "vehicle properties" like the Galaxy Super Yacht, the Kosatka or the Terrorbyte - each one unlocking new missions and other gameplay mechanics.

The player is also able to access their bank accounts on the Maze Bank website ( to deposit their collected money into their bank account to prevent it from being stolen by other players, but they can still use Maze Bank ATMs to deposit or withdraw money.

The stock market introduced in Grand Theft Auto V is not available in Grand Theft Auto Online and plays no role in the game's story, as the game focuses on several other ways to earn money.


  • Like in GTA V, when pointing at a clickable link, the computer cursor has its middle finger, instead of an index finger sticking up.

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