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The Internet is a new feature introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The game has its own in-game internet, featuring dozens of websites which service the player or parody real-life trends or products. The websites can be viewed on an in-game web browser styled similar to Apple Safari.

The player can access the Internet through any computer available in the game, such as the ones in the Tw@ lan-houses, or the ones in the Middle Park East Safehouse and Playboy X's Penthouse. In The Lost and Damned, there's a computer available in the Lost MC Clubhouse, too.

As the player progresses through the storyline, articles will occasionally be added to the newspaper websites, narrating the events of the completed missions.

The Internet supports the Xbox 360 Chatpad, PS3 Wireless Keypad, and PC Mouse/Keyboard.


Main article: Websites in GTA IV

Any website advertised in-game can be visited, such as those advertised on the radio, billboards, posters and TV.

Most of the websites are just for the player's amusement, but a few of them actually have a purpose. At least one site has a rather unpleasant effect when visited; will immediately give the player a five-star wanted level.

Niko Bellic can set up dates with people on, or buy ringtones and wallpapers for Niko's cell phone on The protagonist's email is also frequently used for staying in touch with story characters and getting mission details sometimes. For example, in GTA IV, Brucie Kibbutz will send Niko emails asking him to steal certain vehicles for him. Emails from are the only emails the player can receive after completing the story.

There is also a site named, which shows the player where useful hidden objects are, like pigeons (for an achievement/trophy), guns, health and armor.

Note: most website addresses can be entered manually, although this can be tedious when playing on a console version of the game. Note that, despite how URLs are presented in the in-game Internet and in this wiki, the "www." prefix must be used; otherwise, the URLs don't work. Fortunately, the game foregoes the need to use "http://".

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