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Carl, I will ALWAYS be watching...or listening...or both.
Mike Toreno to Carl Johnson

Interdiction is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by government agent Mike Toreno from his ranch in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.


Toreno states that he needs a favor, but first, Carl asks about his brother. Toreno explains that he is in a prison upstate, and is all right. Toreno then reveals that Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski killed Ralph Pendelbury after he threatened to expose their corruption. He then goes on to explain the favor of precious cargo that needs collecting. Carl heads to Las Brujas, near El Castillo del Diablo. Once there, Toreno contacts him through a speaker, and instructs him on what to do. Carl then acquires a rocket launcher and chooses a vehicle (a Bandito, a Quad, or a Sanchez), which he uses to ascend Arco del Oeste. Once atop Arco del Oeste, Carl lights a flare to signal the contraband helicopter. The helicopter heads for Arco del Oeste, but is ambushed by enemy choppers. Carl uses the rocket launcher to shoot down the enemy helicopters, protecting the contraband chopper and the package. Afterwards, the contraband helicopter drops the package north of Verdant Meadows, near the Abandoned Dock. Carl picks it up, and heads for a garage in Las Brujas.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to El Castillo del Diablo in the desert
  • Pick up the rockets
  • Take a suitable vehicle and go to the top of the mountain
  • Protect the contraband helicopter from the spooks
  • Get the contraband
  • Deliver the contraband to the hideout


The reward for this mission is $1,000 along with the mission Verdant Meadows becoming unlocked.

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  • There is an occasional glitch during the cutscene after CJ destroys the helicopters; after showing the Leviathan flying away, and cutting to the abandoned airfield, the game crashes for unknown reasons. One way to avoid this is to skip the cutscene before it cuts to that part (confirmed on PC).
    • Similarly, If the player is killed by the ensuing explosion of one of the last remaining agency helicopters hitting the ground at the exact moment the initial cutscene plays, the player will be glitched frozen in-place upon arriving at the hospital. (Also confirmed on PC). The only way to fix this is by loading a previous game-save or restarting the game.


  • If the player's vehicle is destroyed, it will be replaced by the Bandito.[1]
  • The attacking helicopters in this mission move extremely fast, faster than any other helicopter in the game.
  • While descending Arco del Oeste after destroying the helicopters, a priest and a Las Venturas prostitute can be seen driving up the road in a Journey.
  • The Mavericks used by the CIA have been painted with a unique black color, though these are unobtainable.
  • The transmitters that Toreno uses throughout the mission are similar to those that surround Area 51 in Nevada.

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