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Innocence Boulevard is a street in Grand Theft Auto V.

Innocence Boulevard is a major thoroughfare through East and South Los Santos, beginning at the junction of Calais Avenue and Adam's Apple Boulevard in Little Seoul and running east to El Rancho Boulevard in El Burro Heights, where it becomes Sustancia Road. The boulevard passes under the La Puerta Freeway and over the Elysian Fields Freeway, crossing the Los Santos River along the way. It has connections to Alta Street, Carson Avenue, Power Street, Elgin Avenue, Strawberry Avenue, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, Jamestown Street, Little Bighorn Avenue, Popular Street, Orchardville Avenue, Tower Way, Amarillo Way and Amarillo Vista

Innocence Boulevard appears to be an antonym play on the Imperial Highway.  Both roads connect the city with oil rich areas to the east. The Imperial Highway runs east to oil-producing Brea.  Both cross the Los Angeles and Los Santos Rivers just below where their respective eastern tributaries join the main channels.

Notable locations on Innocence Boulevard include the Central Los Santos Medical Center, the Davis City Hall and the Davis Sheriff's Station.


Places of Interest


  • 24/7 (accessible interior)
  • Bad Day Goods
  • Cart-L Farmacia (corner of Carson Avenue)
  • Cent Carpet (corner of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard)
  • Checkout! Discount Store (accessible interior)
  • City Paints.Inc.
  • Cluckin' Bell
  • Fern's (corner of Elgin Avenue)
  • Flint's Autos (corner of Power Street)
  • Fridgit
  • Glass Heroes (corner of Alta Street)
  • Globe Oil gas station (corner of Alta Street)
  • Hands On Car Wash
  • Happy Shark
  • Los Santos Office Supply Co.
  • Los Santos Tattoos (corner of El Rancho Boulevard)
  • LS Paper Co.
  • Mom's Tacos (corner of Davis Avenue)
  • Ring of Fire Chili House (corner of Strawberry Avenue)
  • Snapper's Delight
  • Sud's Quality Cleaners (corner of Strawberry Avenue)
  • Tire Nutz (corner of Power Street)
  • Vine Print
  • Wok It Off
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