Impromptu Races are a feature in Grand Theft Auto Online. Unlike normal races, Impromptu Races can be activated at any particular moment during Free Mode, rather than being redirected to a lobby. Impromptu Races consist of racing other players to any chosen point on the map.

Impromptu Races are much simpler than normal multiplayer races: Players cannot choose their starting vehicles, and are instead forced to use the vehicles they were already inside, even if they are from different racing classes. Players may also race in different types of vehicle (i.e. helicopter vs. car). There are no checkpoints in Impromptu Races, meaning the player can take any path they want to reach the finishing point.

The finishing point can be selected out of a number of landmarks (e.g. airport, golf course, Alamo Sea, etc.) or to a waypoint placed on the map as long as it is at least 0.64 miles away from the starting point. There's an entry fee paid by each player that forms the reward pool for the winner. The minimum fee to participate is $50 and increases with the distance to the finishing point.

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