For the television show, see Impotent Rage.
"I'm mad. Almost crazy. I'm... Impotent Rage!"
―Impotent Rage

The Impotent Rage cosplayer is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as a soapboxer in West Vinewood.


Impotent Rage is a cosplay of the cartoon superhero Impotent Rage, from the in-game television show of the same name. He can be found in front of the Hardcore Comic Store on Eclipse Boulevard.

Each protagonist can have a different conversation with the character, though they generally involve Impotent Rage complaining about his job:

  • Franklin asks him how is he doing, to which Impotent Rage responds that he is "an actor shouting crap for a marketing company".
  • Michael asks how life is as a superhero, and Impotent Rage reveals that a tourist just asked him for a hand job and that "his life sucks".
  • Trevor tells Impotent Rage that he loves him and asks what's going on. Impotent Rage claims frustratedly that he is having "as much fun as he imagined".



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