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Import/Export is a side-mission in Grand Theft Auto III where the player is required to deliver specific vehicles to certain garages and cranes in Liberty City.

After delivering a car, the player is rewarded with a sum of money, regardless of the condition of the vehicle. After delivering all the vehicles required for a certain garage or crane, the player is given a sizable cash bonus, as well as floating pickup icons for all of the vehicles that have been delivered to that location. Walking in any of the pickups will select a vehicle, which will be delivered to the player at that garage or crane, free of charge.

There are three Import/Export locations in total, all of which must be completed for 100% completion.




Portland Docks garage in Portland.

The Portland Docks requests vans, trucks, and various industrial/commercial vehicles to be collected through a garage. There is a list of vehicles at the front of the garage that keeps track of what is still needed and collected. Because the list requests certain vehicles that will not be immediately made available until the player unlocks the succeeding island, the list will typically have to be completed much later in the game.

Successful export of each vehicle to this garage rewards the player $1,000. Completing the list awards $200,000.

Emergency vehicles


The emergency vehicle crane zone as well as the magnetic crane that will pick up the vehicles delivered.

The Portland Docks also wants emergency vehicles to be collected. The vehicles can be placed on the yellow stripes under a magnet connected to a crane just east of the Dock's Import/Export garage, near a parked Yankee. The crane will load the collected vehicle onto a cargo ship. Unlike both of the civilian vehicle garages, there is no list to keep track of what vehicles have been delivered. Because certain listed vehicles are only available after unlocking new islands, the list can only be completed later in the game.

Successful export of a emergency vehicle rewards the player $1,500. Unlike the Import/Export garages, delivery of the final vehicle awards the player $200,000 but does not award the standard $1,500 on top of the final reward. Also unusual for the side mission is the timing of the reward given; because the player must be within a short range of the delivery area after the final vehicle has been lifted into the ship to receive the reward, the reward will not be immediately given to players who immediately leave the vicinity after dropping off the final vehicle until they return.

  • Ambulance: Parked by every hospital in the city. Also obtainable when the player kills a considerable amount of pedestrians in a short time.
  • Barracks OL: Parked at Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus, after unlocking Staunton. Also available when the player has a 6-star wanted level.
  • Enforcer: Parked inside the Staunton Island police station. Also encountered when the player has a 4-star wanted level.
  • FBI Car: Only obtainable when the player has a 5-star wanted level.
  • Fire Truck: Parked by every fire station, also appear after Molotov Cocktails are thrown.
  • Police Car: Parked by every police station (sometimes locked), driven everywhere, or spawned when the player has a 2~4-star wanted level.
  • Rhino: Parked at Phil's Army Surplus (unlocked upon completing The Exchange). Also obtainable when the player has a 6-star wanted level or using cheats.

Shoreside Vale


Pike Creek garage in Shoreside Vale.

A garage in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale, wants a different set of civilian vehicles (primarily private cars) to be collected. The vehicles can be placed in a garage north of the Shoreside Vale Pay 'n' Spray. There is a list of vehicles on the front of the garage to keep track on what has been collected.

Unlike the Portland lists, the Shoreside Vale list is significantly easier to complete due to the higher abundance of the listed vehicles. With the exception of the BF Injection, all vehicles in the list can easily be obtained within the district and island the garage is located in and the list can be diligently completed within 30 minutes of playtime.

Successful export of each vehicle to this garage rewards the player $1,000. Completing the list awards $200,000.


GTA 3 - Import Export

GTA 3 - Import Export


  • If you find flying the Dodo difficult, use the roads instead and drive over the main bridges.
  • To fly with the Dodo, accelerate while holding 6 in the right numeric keypad (or whichever key you configured to "tilt plane down", the numeric 6 is the default). Once you gain speed the nose of the plane will touch the ground and sparks will fly off it, when that happens release the 6 key and the plane will take off. Now keep regularly pressing 6 before the plane gets its nose too high, in this way it won't lose balance and will continually fly straightly. Use the sea route heading from the airport to the south of Staunton Island, and then to the Portland docks. The Dodo is horribly responsive, so don't do sharp turns to the right or the left, rather turn it progressively. To land, slow down while looking at the straight road between Saint Mark's and the Atlantic Quays docks, don't worry if you crash against the ground because you won't explode (as the game treats the Dodo as a car). Once you hit the ground drive it like a regular car to the Import/Export garage.
  • Some vehicles like the ice cream van appear regularly when doing the Vigilante and Firefighter side-missions.
  • Some of the later missions, like Bullion Run and Marked Man, become considerably easier if you use a Rhino, unlock it as soon as possible.
  • An easier way to obtain a Rhino, before completing The Exchange when the one at Phil's Army Surplus becomes unlocked, and FBI Car is to complete certain objectives in side-missions to help you steal one from law enforcement. Kill 20 criminals in Vigilante on each island so that six police bribes spawn outside each safehouse, rescue 35 patients in Paramedic so that a health pickup spawns and collect as many Hidden Packages to strengthen your arsenal.  So when you lure the law to your safehouse, you can replenish your health, armor and ammo with ease.  Keep on attacking them until you have enough stars for the desired vehicle to start pursuing you, collect the police bribes to lose your wanted level, steal the vehicle and save it in your garage if necessary, then deliver it to the docks.
    • A glitch exclusive to mobile versions makes obtaining the Rhino even easier. Simply shut down the game once you have entered a Rhino and can drive it, after restarting the game, the Rhino is retained, but the wanted level is gone, leaving it free to be delivered.
    • The FBI Car can be resprayed, so it's a lot easier to get.

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