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"You've dreamt about the ultimate super electric sports car. Now here you are, reading an app, seeing it in the carbon fiber flesh and wondering if it can really be true. It can. The Overflod Imorgon - your electric dreams turned reality. And not the bad, naked and losing your teeth dreams either. We're talking the flying and having parents who are proud of you dreams. You're welcome."
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The Överflöd Imorgon is a two-door electric sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the The Diamond Casino Heist update, released on January 9, 2020, during the Imorgon Week event.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The Imorgon is based on the 2018 methanol-electric sports car Roland Gumpert Nathalie. The headlights feature similar setup to the ones found in the Aston Martin Vulcan, while the rear vents seems to be inspired by the ones found in the first generation Audi R8.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

The Imorgon is the first electric vehicle to possess both excellent acceleration — as seen in other vehicles such as the Raiden and Voltic — and impressive handling, with its high downforce allowing for very high-speed cornering with little to no traction loss. Together with its acceptable braking, these attributes make it formidable in niche situations with very few straights and frequent cornering.

Where the Imorgon suffers is on any straight. Even for an electric car, its top speed is underwhelming, struggling to get past 107 mph on flat road. This is slower than a vast majority of the Sports class, and puts it in range of cars such as the Penumbra in this respect. Additionally, while certainly impressive, it is marginally outpaced by the Neon in terms of acceleration.

The Imorgon is unique in that it has been programmed to drive similarly to a hybrid, having three gears as opposed to the single-speed transmission seen in all other electric cars.

GTA Online Overview

Vehicle Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
(0-60 mph in Seconds)
Top Speed
(mph / kmh)
Gears Engine Drivetrain
(kg / lbs)
Fuel Tank
Size (litres)
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Grand Theft Auto Online

Category Modification Price Image
Armor No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000
Brakes Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sport Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000
Bumpers Front Bumpers Stock Front Bumper $2,200
Carbon Stock Bumper $4,600
Primary Stock Bumper $7,400
Primary Splitter $11,700
Plastic Splitter $14,500
Carbon Splitter $14,700
Primary Race Splitter $14,900
Plastic Race Splitter $15,100
Carbon Race Splitter $15,300
Rear Bumpers Stock Rear Bumper $2,200
Primary Trim Diffuser $4,600
Carbon Diffuser $7,400
Alt. Diffuser $11,700
Primary Alt. Diffuser $14,500
Carbon Alt. Diffuser $14,700
GT Race Setup MK1 $14,900
GT Race Setup MK2 $15,100
GT Race Setup MK3 $15,300
GT Race Setup MK4 $15,500
GT Race Setup MK5 $15,700
Primary GT Race Setup MK1 $15,900
Primary GT Race Setup MK2 $16,100
Primary GT Race Setup MK3 $16,300
Primary GT Race Setup MK4 $16,500
Primary GT Race Setup MK5 $16,700
Carbon GT Race Setup MK1 $16,900
Carbon GT Race Setup MK2 $17,100
Carbon GT Race Setup MK3 $17,300
Carbon GT Race Setup MK4 $17,500
Carbon GT Race Setup MK5 $17,700
Chassis Stock Chassis $700
Rally Cage Setup MK1 $1,100
Racing Cage Setup MK1 $1,350
Tuner Cage Setup MK1 $1,500
Street Cage Setup MK1 $2,750
Secondary Rally Setup MK1 $3,600
Secondary Racing Setup MK1 $4,900
Secondary Tuner Setup MK1 $5,800
Secondary Street Setup MK1 $7,000
Rally Cage Setup MK2 $8,000
Racing Cage Setup MK2 $9,150
Tuner Cage Setup MK2 $10,100
Street Cage Setup MK2 $11,050
Secondary Rally Setup MK2 $11,950
Secondary Racing Setup MK2 $12,900
Secondary Tuner Setup MK2 $13,750
Secondary Street Setup MK2 $14,600
Rally Cage Setup MK3 $15,450
Racing Cage Setup MK3 $16,250
Tuner Cage Setup MK3 $17,050
Street Cage Setup MK3 $17,800
Secondary Rally Setup MK3 $18,550
Secondary Racing Setup MK3 $19,250
Secondary Tuner Setup MK3 $19,950
Secondary Street Setup MK3 $20,600
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $12,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $18,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $33,500
Exhausts Stock Exhaust $260
Titanium Tipped Exhausts $750
Carbon Exhausts $1,800
Big Bore Exhausts $3,000
Titanium Twin Big Bore Exhausts $9,550
Chrome Twin Big Bore Exhausts $9,750
Explosives Ignition Bomb $5,000
Remote Bomb $7,500
Grilles Stock Grille $200
Carbon Grille Insert $750
Plastic Grille Insert $1,340
Hoods Stock Hood $1,600
Carbon Stock Hood $3,000
Single Vented Hood $5,000
Carbon Single Vented Hood $8,000
Double Vented Hood $9,600
Carbon Double Vented Hood $11,000
Quad Vented Hood $11,600
Carbon Quad Vented Hood $12,000
Horns Main article: Los Santos Customs/Horns -
Lights Headlights Stock Lights $600
Xenon Lights $7,500
Neon Kits Main article: Los Santos Customs/Lights -
Livery None $11,400
Overflod Stripes $18,240
Alt. Overflod Stripes $19,380
Amigas Racing $20,520
Stuck In The '90s $21,660
Sprunk Racing $22,800
LTD Racing $23,370
Cerveza Barracho $23,939
Kisama Beer $24,510
Xero Gas $25,080
Ragga Rum $25,650
Muscle Gymnasium $26,220
Mean Machine $26,789
Loss/Theft Prevention Tracker
Full Coverage
Mirrors Stock Mirrors $300
Primary Mirrors $900
Carbon Mirrors $1,500
Plates Blue on White 1 $200
Blue on White 2 $200
Blue on White 3 $200
Yellow on Blue $300
Yellow on Black $600
Respray Main article: Los Santos Customs/Respray Colors -
Roofs Stock Roof $200
Primary Roof $700
Carbon Roof $1,150
Sell Sell Vehicle
Skirts Stock Skirts $2,500
Carbon Skirts $5,500
Primary Skirts $8,000
Spoilers Stock Spoiler $6,000
Upper Mounted Spoiler $7,050
Carbon Upper Mounted Spoiler $10,000
Tuner Spoiler $13,000
Carbon Tuner Spoiler $14,000
High Racing Spoiler $16,000
Carbon High Racing Spoiler $16,500
GT Spoiler $17,000
Carbon GT Spoiler $17,500
Big Wing $18,000
Carbon Big Wing $18,500
Curved Spoiler $19,000
Carbon Curved Spoiler $19,500
Angled Spoiler $20,000
Carbon Angled Spoiler $20,500
Sunstrips None $300
Primary $900
Secondary $1,500
Hardstand $1,700
Globe Oil $2,000
Overflod $2,750
Plastic $3,300
Primary Quarter Covers $3,900
Secondary Quarter Covers $4,350
Hardstand Quarter Covers $5,000
Globe Oil Quarter Covers $5,150
Overflod Quarter Covers $5,300
Plastic Quarter Covers $5,450
Primary Full Cover $5,600
Secondary Full Cover $5,750
Hardstand Full Cover $5,900
Globe Oil Full Cover $6,050
Overflod Full Cover $6,600
Plastic Full Cover $7,150
Suspension Stock Suspension $200
Lowered Suspension $1,000
Street Suspension $2,000
Sport Suspension $3,400
Transmission Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000
Wheels Main article: Los Santos Customs/Wheels -
Windows None $500
Light Smoke $1,500
Dark Smoke $3,500
Limo $5,000

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Grand Theft Auto Online


Grand Theft Auto Online



  • "Imorgon" means "tomorrow" in Swedish, alluding to the fact that the RG Nathalie is the first electric car that employs methanol fuel cells as means to power electric motors.

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