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I never thought I would be working for Franklin Clinton... and you, of course.
— Imani to the GTA Online Protagonist.

Imani is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update.


Imani was born in South Los Santos, San Andreas at some unknown point in the 1990s. She is the daughter of a woman named Perlie, a homegirl of Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis. She became an expert hacker at some point and started working at F. Clinton and Partner agency by 2021. When Franklin is identifying her to Lamar at the agency, Lamar remarks that he was unaware that Imani's family even had a computer. Despite her background, Imani is one of few (if not the only one) of Franklin and Lamar's long-time African-American associates that does not use Ebonics.

She managed to track down everything the GTA Online Protagonist has done so far, and has informed Franklin about it, such as working with Trevor Philips in 2013, their businesses and properties, and the robbery at The Diamond Casino & Resort in 2019.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

The Contract

Imani is a key participant in the business operations of the Agency, assisting Franklin and the player in their Security Contracts and, more prominently, the VIP Contract for Dr. Dre. She formulates the plan to infiltrate the FIB to enable her to track down Dre's secure phone. After helping find the three copies of the phone, she tracks the original to Johnny Guns.



Hey, you ever wonder what Imani would look like if she wasn't into all that hard-ass goth shit?
— The Requisitions Officer in idle dialogue about Imani's appearance.
Hey, who's that bad-ass Lil'Fist lookin' bitc...
I mean, nice young lady with the profitable posterior right there?
Lamar Davis when first seeing Imani.

Imani is a young African American woman who dresses in a Gothic style with distinct green eye shadow.


The Requisitions Officer is infatuated with her, making several comments about her, which is noticed by Franklin who thinks there is something going on between them. Lamar Davis is also notably attracted to her.

The Agency Security Guard was at first unsure what to think of her because of her goth style, but later considered her to be pretty cool and a genius after getting to know her. She also set up a cryptocurrency mining app to run in the background on his cellphone, which automatically pays him every so often.

Services (GTA Online)

Upon purchasing the Agency and going through the cutscene of meeting with Franklin - the player is briefly introduced to Imani as their resident hacker. She provides two types of services.

The first service is available when the player purchases a specialized vehicle workshop for their agency property. Vehicles from The Contract update may be equipped with a unique category of attachments known as "Imani Tech" which outfits the vehicle with either the ability to remotely control the vehicle or integrate a homing missile jammer.

The second service is available once the player has Imani as one of their phone contacts - offering her services as seen below.

Service GTA Online Description In-Game Effect Cost Level Requirement
Out of Sight Activate a 500m area where you will be hidden from the radar of other players. Once payment is received, a large gray radius, 500 meters in diameter, will spawn on the minimap with the player at the center of the radius. The player and any of their associates/MC members will be completely hidden from the radar while in this zone. If the player/s leave the zone, they will reappear on the minimap. The zone has an unlimited duration but the effect will end if the player/s attack any other player outside of their Organization/MC. Killing NPCs does not dispel the zone. Once used, a 10-minute cooldown is applied before the player can use the ability again. $12,000 (Unknown)
Source Motorcycle Source a nearby motorcycle equipped with bulletproof tires. Imani will mark a vehicle on the map. The "Gang Bike" will always be equipped with bulletproof tires. $2000 (Unknown)

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Contract