"The land of opportunity? I'd rather be back in Russia. At least there people don't pretend life has any pleasure."
―Ilyena to Niko Bellic during her random encounter.

Ilyena Faustin (Russian: Елена Фаустина) is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Ilyena was born in Soviet Union in 1970. At an unknown point in time, she met and married Mikhail Faustin and they had a daughter, Anna, in 1988. They later moved to Liberty City, settling in the Beachgate area of Broker.

Events of GTA IV

Ilyena first meets Niko Bellic whilst he works for her husband. On one occasion while waiting for Mikhail, she tells Niko of their life before moving to Liberty City, and she explains that Mikhail was a much kinder man back then, in contrast to his unstable and volatile temperament now.

Ilyena appears to be very religious, as she encourages Niko to have more faith and optimism when they discuss souls. Mikhail, however, dismisses her beliefs by calling her a "superstitious old crone".

Random Character


Later, after Mikhail's death, Niko can find her at Firefly Island and she asks him to see Anna's new boyfriend, who is trying to convince her to become a stripper.

Niko can either kill Anna's boyfriend (resulting in an angry phone call from Ilyena, scolding Niko for bringing another man to a violent death), beat him up (resulting in a friendlier phone call from Ilyena), or let him escape (resulting in a sad call from Ilyena stating her daughter has run away and she has no family left at all).

Mission Appearances



Ilyena Faustin's Random Encounter

GTA 4 - Random Character 4 - Ilyena Faustin (1080p)

GTA 4 - Random Character 4 - Ilyena Faustin (1080p)


  • Ilyena is a Russian name, but not spelled correctly. A more exact transcription for the name is Elena.
  • If the player calls Mikhail's phone number after his death, the voicemail message changes to one from Ilyena, stating that Mikhail is dead and his enemies should leave her and Anna alone.
  • Ilyena's voice is different during her Random characters than it is in her two appearances in missions, as in No Love Lost, she is only seen screaming at Mikhail and crying, and in Rigged to Blow, she speaks very calmly to Niko. Her tone changed considerably between the last mission for Mikhail and the encounter, further alluding to Ilyena's despair.
  • Ilyena somewhat has a similar facial structure as Sara, another random character that can be seen during Sara's Random characters.


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