I Say/You Say is a phone-in political debate radio show on West Coast Talk Radio in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The presenters are husband-and-wife liberal-and-conservative duo Peyton and Mary Phillips (voiced by Paul Ames and Jackie Hoffman) who have conflicting interests. They may be based on James Carville and Mary Matalin, also rivaling political pundits who are married to each other.

The show receives phonecalls to debate political issues; one caller discusses with the presenters about how he kills illegal immigrants, with conservative Mary Phillips suggesting that he use this to evade tax, while liberal Peyton suggests recycling the body and donating its organs. Another caller tells them of her eating disorder and Peyton sympatises for her, whereas Mary abuses her, telling her to stop complaning and to eat copious amounts of food, "like the rest of the people in America", and also calls her "Queen Puke-a-Lot". Both presenters admit that they have slept with the producer.


  • Rockstar's UK origins give themselves away in the script for one of the early I Say/You Say broadcasts, in which Mary references "the drugs trade", with "drugs" in the plural. This is a British turn of phrase, as Americans use the singular "the drug trade".
  • The show shares the same opening theme as Chattersphere.
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