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This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission “I Fought the Law...” in Grand Theft Auto V.

Franklin approaches Devin and Molly.
Devin: Slick! Oh, you must be Michael’s boy. Oh, man... Sometimes enlightenment, it can be a real bitch. Good to meet you.
Devin extends his hand to Franklin, which is left unshaken.
Franklin: Yeah, likewise, homie.
Molly: We hear you’re a competent repo guy, yes?
Devin: Yeah, this is kinda like a little hobby of mine, requisitioning the underappreciated... possessions of my contemporaries for some wealthy communists in China who will value them much more.
Franklin: What?
Devin: Robbing my so called friends, Slick. Why? Why? Because they have things nobody else has, because they can afford it, because frankly enough I’m rich enough to do whatever the fuck I want, and you’re poor enough not to ask me any Goddamn stupid questions. Now, I mean that as a friend. Namaste.
Trevor joins the three.
Trevor: That’s a nice fucking speech about the value of friendship.
Devin: Aaah, of course! You must be the creepy one...
Trevor: And that’s coming from you? Please! Mmmmm... what’s going on?
Devin: You’re gonna dress up as traffic cops and you’re gonna rob two trust fund kids that I know and dislike intensely.
Trevor: Why?
Molly: We can get a good price for the vehicles in Asia. Look, complete the work, you’ll all be well paid.
Devin: You’re late, sugar tits.
Michael arrives.
Michael: Yup, so what’s going on?
Trevor: Oh, oh-ho-ho! You... finally get to realize your childhood dream and dress up as a cop!
Molly: Mr. Weston’s research team suggests the boys like to ride on the Senora Freeway.
Molly is led into the back of a Felon by her chauffeur. They depart.
Franklin: Sounds manageable.
Devin: [to Michael and Trevor] Hey! You two get going.
Michael: Let’s go, T.
Michael and Trevor leave.
Franklin: Dog, I don’t know if this shit is for me, homie. My life’s already way the fuck out of control.
Devin: Alright, look... I’m a Darwinist, brother, alright? Some prosper, and some struggle. Now, are you out of your Goddamn mind? This is your lucky break. Choose! Now, are you gonna do this? Or have you simply found your level in life?
Franklin: I guess we’ll find out.
Devin: Yeah, I guess we will, homie.
Devin enters his Adder and drives off. Shortly afterwards, Franklin gets in an F620 and heads towards the Senora Freeway. On the way, he calls Michael.
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