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For the in-game phone, see IFruit.
For the official manual app, see GTAV: The Manual.


The iFruit App is a companion application for Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online that can be installed on a range of devices.


The app includes Los Santos Customs, a mini-game called Chop The Dog, settings for the app itself, and various web links.

If a player is banned from Grand Theft Auto Online, they may not access the app.[citation/verification needed]

Device availability

The app is available for:

Version History

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  • Windows Phone Build

LS Customs

The LS Customs app allows the player to modify the protagonists' vehicles, changing the color of the car, adding different colors of tire smoke, and more. This allows the player to no longer have to start the game when they need to customize their vehicle. When the user orders the customisations made to the car in the app, the order gets processed when the player next enters the game. The player then will be prompted to take the vehicle to the nearest Los Santos Customs to apply the customisations. Money is taken from the protagonist to pay any modifications.

The online player can also add up to 30 custom license plates (increased from a single plate in the Heists Update), which allows an individual custom plate to be applied to every vehicle the player can store in their online garages.

Accessing each of the online player's 30 customisable vehicles at one time is not possible within the app. The app only displays the last 10 personal vehicles used per online character.


Chop the Dog

Chop the Dog is a mini-game app which focuses on taking care of a virtual version of Chop. Throughout the day (in real life), the user will get notifications from the app whenever Chop gets hungry, thirsty or lazy. The player then must give him food and water, along with taking him for walks.

Players should be careful not to overfeed the dog, as he may throw up and get upset, decreasing his happiness (recognizable by the bone located on the top left corner of the screen). Occasionally, Chop will also defecate, requiring the player to use the glove icon to pick it up and put it in the appropriate trash can.

Players can also use the app to teach Chop new tricks and switch the color of his leash. Chop can perform any trick he learns in the app in GTA V, his leash color in the game also reflects the one chosen in the app.

Finally, whenever players take Chop for a walk they will be able to chose between 3 different stages (Park, Street and Beach). Once the stage is chosen a minigame in with Chop is controlled by the player starts, the task that must be completed depends on the stage selected:

  • Park, Chop must keep other dogs away from his bitch by scaring them off within the time limit; Getting insufficient love or losing the bitch fails the game; winning the bitch's love allows Chop to have sex, increasing his happiness.
  • Street, Chop must keep the Ballas away from Franklin's Buffalo S on a street in LS. If the Ballas damage Franklin's Buffalo, it will explode and the user fails the game; keeping the Ballas away from the Buffalo long enough increases his happiness.
  • Beach, Chop must rip the bikinis off from the women that pass by and avoid getting shoo'd by annoying juicers. These guys can punch or kick Chop, failing the game; ripping the bikinis of the women causes them to run away and gives points to Chop.

Failing any of the minigames results in Chop's happiness decreasing. Winning a gold medal in all 3 minigames unlocks an exclusive gold leash to be used by Chop.

Feeding Chop food and water, teaching him tricks and buying leashes cost credits, and these are generated throughout the day (in real life) or can be obtained in the minigames.

Keeping Chop happy is important as it allows him to behave well and perform the new tricks you teach him. Killing Chop in GTA V results in Chop's Happiness draining completely and the player will need to restore it.



The settings menu allows the player to link the app to their Social Club account and switch platforms from one console to another if they have migrated from PS3/Xbox 360 to the enhanced version of GTA V. The player can also link to their Facebook account after which, the app will be permitted to post updates to their Facebook wall.

Tutorial notifications can be reset for the LSC and Chop apps. Chop notifications can be enabled or disabled.


Web links are provided to:


The iFruit App received mixed to negative reviews, most notably from its limited options for Los Santos Customs and problematic loading times for both the iOS and Android. Many fans have also expressed much detest for the iFruit App as it strips away some features that could have been placed within the game itself, such as the inability to train Chop without installing the App on a Smartphone.


  • On some platforms the iFruit app will not display or list vehicles from the After Hours or Arena War updates.
    • This was fixed with the Diamond Casino & Resort Update.


  • When tuning a vehicle in LSC, it won't always display the personal vehicle of the protagonist - it will display the last vehicle you've driven in the game as that protagonist (i.e. if you last played as Franklin driving a Sentinel XS, the information about that car will show up in the app).