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"If the original Hunting Pack taught you one thing, it was that speed is everything. Or possibly that whether you're the one in a flatbed truck that's rigged to blow under a certain speed, or the one trying to ram it into a wall, there's no substitute for blind rage. Either way, that was just the training: this souped-up, heavyweight stunt-fueled edition is the final exam."
— Description.
"You’re one long mile from the finish line, these Scramjets are crashing off the sides of your MTL Dune like it's rush hour, your teammates in Vigilantes are pinned down and the speedometer is rigged to some high explosives. It can only mean one thing: Hunting Pack has returned to GTA Online - with an upgrade."
Rockstar Newswire Description.

Hunting Pack (Remix)[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the continuation of the After Hours update during the Scramjet Week event.


"Hunting Pack (Remix) challenges a Runner to pick up speed and maintain it all the way to the deactivation zone to prevent an onboard bomb from detonating. If the Runner drops below the minimum speed for too long, the round comes to a swift and explosive conclusion. Attackers do all they can to bring the Runner to a halt, while a team of Defenders must protect the Runner at all costs."
Rockstar Social Club Description.

Players are divided into two teams; Attackers and Defenders. One player will be selected for the Runner position; this player will be in control of the "hunted" vehicle, usually a large, slow, or otherwise challenging vehicle. Attackers are tasked with bringing the truck to a stop, or reducing its speed for enough time before it explodes. The truck is rigged with an explosive device that will trigger when the vehicle passes under a certain speed, and the driver has only 10 seconds to bring the vehicle back up to speed before the explosive detonates.

The overall style of the mission is identical to the original adversary mode, Hunting Pack, but is "remixed" with new vehicles, including several Weaponized Vehicles, rocket powered vehicles, such as the Vigilante and Scramjet, and a slightly different choice of both weaponized and custom trucks, including the Speedo Custom and Dune. A significant difference between the standard and Remixed variant of the mission is that the remix maps take place at height, above the map, on large, colorful platforms with numerous props and neon displays guiding the way to the destination.


Since the majority of the tracks are flat or otherwise easy to travel, for the runner themselves, it is simply a matter of maintaining enough speed and avoiding the attackers at all costs. This means using the vehicle to the best of its ability, considering racing lines and avoiding heavy braking. It is also important to be familiar with the handling of the vehicle and to work out how the vehicle behaves in different scenarios; being t-packed, rammed from behind, and familiarization with the steering and suspension is beneficial to prevent mistakes in driving.

For the defense, although the initial idea would be to simply "defend" the vehicle, its often best to keep the attackers at bay, much further from the truck itself, by keeping back and knocking attackers off-track. Using static props to advantage, defenders can ram attackers off-course into props, slowing them down and allowing the runner to create distance between them.

Depending on the vehicle the runner is driving, two effective methods of stopping the truck will usually work even if the defense are nearby; for much lighter, faster trucks, such as the Dune, knocking the truck's side or rear quarters will cause the truck to become unstable, spin out, or fall onto its side. Then, it is a matter of keeping the truck driver down and packing them in; teamwork is essential at this stage, as the inevitability of the defense catching up at this point will cost time. For larger, heavier trucks, such as the Tipper and Pounder Custom, getting in front of the truck and slamming on the brakes may be effective in slowing the truck down gradually until it reaches a stop. Several cars doing this at once will aid the weight against the truck, and other vehicles at either side of the truck will stop it escaping the trap. Since defenders are usually behind the truck, its often the case that the defenders will not have enough time to resolve the situation at this point.


There are seven Hunting Pack missions in GTA Online, each one at a different location. They are as follows:

Image Description Map
Hunting Pack (Remix) I: The starting area is located above Mirror Park and Murrieta Heights. The route takes the players across East Vinewood, Vinewood Hills, Downtown Vinewood, West Vinewood, Vinewood Hills again, Grand Senora Desert, RON Alternates Wind Farm, and the Grand Senora Desert again, before ending in Great Chaparral.
Hunting Pack (Remix) II: The mission takes place above Pillbox Hill. The deactivation zone is located in Little Seoul.
Hunting Pack (Remix) III: The mission takes place above the Grand Senora Desert. The deactivation zone is also located here.
Hunting Pack (Remix) IV: The starting area is located east of Davis Quartz. The route takes the players across the San Chianski Mountain Range. The deactivation zone is located just west of the El Gordo Lighthouse.
Hunting Pack (Remix) V: The starting area and deactivation zone are located above the Pacific Ocean. The route also takes the players across Vespucci and Del Perro Beach.
Hunting Pack (Remix) VI: The starting area is just east of Fort Zancudo. The route takes the players across Fort Zancudo, Lago Zancudo, and the Pacific Ocean - this is also where the deactivation zone is located.
Hunting Pack (Remix) VII: The mission takes place above the Alamo Sea. The starting area is located west of the lake and the deactivation zone is located above the east part of the lake.


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