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You’re part of a team tasked to deliver a priority vehicle rigged to explode if it drops below a minimum speed, while your opponents race, ram and batter to take it down.
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In Hunting Pack, a heavy vehicle has been rigged with explosives that will detonate if it doesn't maintain a certain speed. One team is tasked with bringing that truck or bus to an combustive halt, while the other must defend it and ensure it reaches its destination intact.
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Hunting Pack[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Freemode Events Update. It is unlocked at Rank 12.


A Runner has to pick up speed and maintain it all the way to the deactivation zone at Del Perro Pier. If the Runner drops below the minimum speed for too long, the bomb goes off. Attackers do all they can to bring it to a halt, triggering the bomb. While a team of Defenders in Zions tries to protect it en route.
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The players are divided into three teams. One player will be the runner, who will drive the bomb-rigged vehicle. The other players will either be attackers or defenders.

The attackers team's goal is to force the runner's vehicle to travel at less than a certain speed for a period of time so the bomb in the vehicle explodes before the runner reaches their deactivation zone. The defenders team's goal is to escort the runner to the deactivation zone without the bomb exploding.

The attackers and defenders will be in sports or super cars, whilst the runner will be in a utility vehicle.


The booby-trapped vehicle is slow but very sturdy, so the attackers will need more than one person at a time to try to nudge it off course. For this reason, communication is crucial to coordinate attacks all at once and brute force the target off the road or into an obstacle. Time the attacks when the Runner is turning a corner or driving close to immovable objects on the side of the road. Once the Runner has come to a halt, surround them and apply the hand brake to ensure they cannot get on the move again.

The Runner should avoid going uphill or off-road at all costs as there are often rocks and other debris that will slow them down. If at any point the runner is brought to a halt by the Attackers, reversing will give him a small chance to get clear of the pursuers and gain enough speed to get back on track. Although the GPS will show a route to the destination, it is sometimes not the best path to take; try find a route with wide, long roads to gain some room, should the Attackers start to encroach. Defenders should act as a buffer to fend off the attackers, stay close and in formation around the Runner, and be able to force the Attackers off the road, should they get too close. If playing as the Runner, players should also keep their peripheral vision sharp for immovable objects. Should the Runner be brought to a halt, the Defenders can also help their Runner out with a friendly nudge to help get their speed back up. Be careful though - a nudge from the wrong direction can send the Runner veering into a nearby tree or oncoming traffic.


There are seven Hunting Pack missions in GTA Online, each one at a different location. They are as follows:

Image Description Map
Hunting Pack I: The runner must take a Taco Van from Cypress Flats to Del Perro Pier. The attackers are in Banshees and the defenders are in Zions.
Hunting Pack II: The runner must take a Fire Truck from Sandy Shores to the Paleto Bay Fire Station. The attackers are in Zentornos and the defenders are in Entity XFs.
Hunting Pack III: The runner must take a Benson from Terminal to Tequi-la-la. The attackers are in Furore GTs and the defenders are in Alphas.
Hunting Pack IV: The runner must take a Stockade from the Olympic Freeway to the Maze Bank Tower. The attackers are in Massacros and the defenders are in Furore GTs.
Hunting Pack V: The runner must take a Boxville from the Senora Road and Route 68 intersection to Humane Labs and Research. Attackers are in Phoenixes and defenders are in Gauntlets.
Hunting Pack VI: The runner must take a Rubble from Goma Street to the Redwood Lights Track. Attackers are in Kurumas and defenders are in Dubstas.
Hunting Pack VII: The runner must take a Flatbed from the North Rockford Drive gas station to Utopia Gardens. Attackers are in Brawlers and defenders are in Dubstas.


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