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Vlad: "Go on. Do what you gotta do, but remember...If you see a cop, you don't know me."
Niko: "I see anyone, I don't know you."
Vladimir Glebov and Niko Bellic at Comrades Bar

Hung Out to Dry is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to Niko Bellic by Vladimir Glebov to collect protection money.


When Niko enters the Comrades Bar, Vlad is talking to Mallorie over the phone and promptly hangs up when he sees that Niko have arrived. Once again, Vlad wants Niko to remind another borrower, a laundromat's owner Vlad calls a "Muscovski jerk", to pay his loan.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Go to the laundromat.
  • Chase the shopkeeper.
  • Ram the shopkeeper's van until he stops.


After the cutscene is over, Niko drives around the block to the laundromat. He heads into the front and a cutscene ensues showing the laundromat's owner tosses a basket full of clothes at Niko as a means of hampering his pursuit.

The owner runs out the back and flees in a Laundromat van. Niko chases him on foot and then steals a car to chase him. He then drives after the laundromat owner and rams into his van until he pulls over and gives up the fight. Niko confirms that Vlad will soon get his money. The mission is passed with a phone call to Vlad.


This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Hung Out to Dry" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Niko Bellic enters the bar and meets Vladimir Glebov. Vladimir Glebov informs Niko Bellic of Muscovski who owes Vladimir Glebov money, and Niko Bellic leaves.
Government Worker: You're going to have your license revoked...
Mickey: What?
Government Worker: My friend, smoking in a bar is a crime. Plain and simple.
Mickey: You're joking right? This is a joke...
Vladimir Glebov: Hey, Mallorie. Tell fatty his cousin is okay... he just walked in. Great girl.
Niko Bellic: Yeah? Stay away from her.
Vladimir Glebov: Of course. Now listen - you did good with that business the other day, but now one more peasant is trying to avoid paying.
Niko Bellic: Who?
Vladimir Glebov: Muscovski jerk who owns a laundry on Masterson Street. Thinks in this country, business is done differently. Says he will call cops on us.
Niko Bellic: Okay. So?
Vladimir Glebov: Jerk needs to be taught a lesson. Give him a beating. Let him know... might is right!
Government Worker: Hey, stop that smoking back there.
Vladimir Glebov: Screw you.
Mickey: Easy, buddy.
Vladimir Glebov: Go on. Do what you gotta do. But remember, you see a cop... you don't know me.
Niko Bellic: I see anyone, I don't know you.
Vladimir Glebov: Ho, ho.
Niko Bellic enters the laundromat, and Muscovski flees.
Niko Bellic: I have a message from Vlad.
Muscovski: Shit, stay away from me!
Niko Bellic chases Muscovski.
[These dialogues will play in random]
Niko Bellic: Pull over your van. Come on, man. Just pull the hell up. Okay, you want me to ram you? I'll ram you off the road. Stop your van already. Pull up, chump! I'll ram you off the road. Shit, you're starting to piss me off. You enjoying yourself, asshole? You're making this harder for both of us.
Niko Bellic rams Muscovshi's van. Muscovski finally gives up and pulls over.
Muscovski: You got me. You got me, okay?
Niko Bellic: Why have you no paid Vlad the money you owe him?
Muscovski: I'm going to, I have just been having the trouble getting it together. Vlad is impatient man.
Niko Bellic: You will be getting the money to him soon, or your wife shall be using your washing machines to get blood out of your clothes. Do you understand? I do not ask twice for a favor.
Muscovski: I understand. I will get it to him. I thought this country was different.
Niko Bellic calls Roman Bellic.
Niko Bellic: I spoke to the Laundromat owner. He gets the message. He will pay you now.
Vladimir Glebov: I like your style. You can be an intimidating guy. It's a shame everybody knows what a stupid yokel you are when you open your mouth, eh? Come back to the bar soon.
Call ends.
The shop keeper is dead.
Niko Bellic calls Vladimir Glebov.
Niko Bellic: Vlad, the muscovite ain't around no more.
Vladimir Glebov: I hope you didn't kill him, I hope he choked on some detergent or something? Stupid peasant, think about it. Dead men can't pay me money. Now your cousin's going to have to owe me for this as well.
Call ends.
The shop keeper has escaped.
Niko Bellic calls Vladimir Glebov.
Niko Bellic: Vlad, I couldn't catch your friend.
Vladimir Glebov: Fucking yokel, you were meant to teach him a lesson. He's going to be the problem buzzing in my ears now. Dipshit!
Call ends.

Video Walkthrough


GTA 4 - Mission 9 - Hung Out to Dry (1080p)


  • If the player blocks the back door with a vehicle, the laundromat owner will somehow get through the vehicle.
  • Sometimes, if the player destroys the Laundromat Van at the same time the screen cuts to the loading screen when the owner gives up running, the loading screen may load forever with no end. This has been reported on PC versions.


  • Stealing or damaging the Laundromat van parked behind the laundromat, which would have been used by the laundromat owner to flee, would result in the player failing the mission, as the laundromat owner has been "spooked and escaped out the front". This is one of the only two ways of acquiring the van.
  • The player can return to the laundromat at any time he/she wants to and can open the cash register, getting from $10 to $200.
  • The laundromat owner would later appear drinking beside Vlad at the beginning of the cutscene for Clean Getaway.
  • This mission is one of the two missions in which the Laundromat van appears, the other being Meltdown.
    • Another way to obtain the laundromat van is while you're chasing and ramming the van, you can shoot him, but doing so will also fail the mission. But the van will locked shut, you will have to move the van to your safehouse to save it.
  • The player will still get a wanted level for opening the cash register in this mission.
  • Shooting the door of the Laundromat while in a car will make things go faster because this will skip the cutscene of getting in the Laundromat and having to hot wire a car.
  • If the mission is failed, Niko will call Vlad and tell him that he couldn't catch the shopkeeper, which will make Vlad angry.