"Take two Insurgent LAPVs from a Merryweather test site at the Davis Quartz Quarry for use in the raid on Humane Labs."
— Instructions

Insurgents is the second setup mission for the Humane Raid in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Go to Davis Quartz Quarry where two Insurgents are under test site conditions by Merryweather members. The players must clear the area if they want to steal the Insurgents without too much trouble. The best way to do so is by approaching the Quarry from a safe distance and killing the Merryweather guards using Sniper Rifles. The players can also try to storm through the Quarry, killing all the guards with heavy artillery, or even try to use stealth and suppressed weapons to quietly approach the trucks.

Either way, once the trucks have been gathered, they must be taken out of the quarry and stored in the boat yard hut north of Alamo Sea. Use the armed Insurgent to fight of the pursuing Merryweather units and destroy the chasing helicopters, otherwise they will tend to fire missiles at the vehicles and non-stop fire the miniguns for long periods of time, potentialy destroying the trucks.

Once the units are lost, the objective is simple: take the trucks to the drop off point off North Calafia Way.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Davis Quartz Quarry.
  • Go to the Merryweather testing site.
  • Steal an Insurgent.
  • Take the Insurgent to the drop-off.
  • Help deliver the Insurgents to the drop-off.



GTA Online Heist 3 - The Humane Labs Raid - Insurgents (Criminal Mastermind)

GTA Online Heist 3 - The Humane Labs Raid - Insurgents (Criminal Mastermind)


  • The armed variant of the Insurgent is not used in the Heist Finale, the players are told by Agent 14 that they only "need one of those" and that they will be using the unarmed version to avoid drawing any attention.
  • The armor from the unarmed variant is placed on the Valkyrie during the Heist Finale. [citation/verification needed]


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