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Take two Insurgent LAPVs from a Merryweather test site at the Davis Quartz Quarry for use in the raid on Humane Labs.
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Insurgents is the second setup mission for the Humane Raid in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The team is instructed to go at Davis Quartz, where Agent 14 informs that they need the Insurgent LAPVs. When approaching to the area, he informs that the place is rented by Merryweather Security and warns that they are performing live-fire tests on the vehicles, so it is expected to have resistance.

The entrance of the quarry is lightly guarded by Merryweather soldiers and the test site is located at the lowest point of the quarry, so players have to take advantage of the high terrain to take cover and attack the enemy group to secure the vehicles. After retrieving the vehicles, the crew is instructed to bring the vehicles at the drop off point off North Calafia Way. Merryweather will attempt to intercept the vehicles with Mesas and Buzzard Attack Choppers, so they have to defend themselves. The player who is manning the Insurgent Pick-Up's machine gun turret should provide defense for the group against the pursuing vehicles, while the others have to either evade them or resort to Drive-By Shooting in case they are heavily surrounded. If there are enemies at the drop-off location, they are instructed to take them out before leaving the vehicles.

With the enemies taken out and the vehicles finally secured at the drop off, the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Davis Quartz Quarry.
  • Go to the Merryweather testing site.
  • Steal an Insurgent.
  • Take the Insurgent to the drop off.
  • Take out Merryweather.
  • Help deliver the Insurgent to the drop off.


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 3 - The Humane Labs Raid - Insurgents (Criminal Mastermind)


  • The armed variant of the Insurgent is not used in the Heist Finale, the players are told by Agent 14 that they only "need one of those" and that they will be using the unarmed version to avoid drawing any attention.