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For the actual Electromagnetic Pulse device, see EMP.

Get hold of an Electromagnetic Pulse device to shut down power at Humane Labs. It's currently installed in a Hydra jump jet.
— Brief.

EMP is the third heist setup for the Humane Raid in Grand Theft Auto Online.


A cutscene plays where the crew meets with Agent 14 at the apartment's planning room. He congratulates the group for the work done before, and briefs them the next plan of stealing an EMP device from a jet, which is on a ship located in the middle of the ocean. He also states that he would also need to sell the plane so he can fund the heist. Later, he tells the crew to deliver the EMP to Humane Labs and Research and get a helicopter, which will be done later.

At the start of the heist, the crew is instructed to go to El Burro Heights, where Agent 14 informs that there is a Dinghy on the coast. The crew then uses the boat and heads in the direction of an aircraft carrier, where they are instructed to infiltrate the vessel. Agent 14 states that he knows the EMP is there because the navy crew leaked an inventory on the Dark Net and put everything on sale. He also comments that it will end up in the hands of terrorists if they do not get the plane.

Once the crew gets into the vessel's boat access on the stern, they have to fight all the way through the vessel by taking out the enemies in the hangar area. After taking out the first group, a second group appears from the other side attempting to stop the crew. Once they take out the second group and sort out the enemies on the stairs leading to the flight deck, the group now have to clear the flight deck of enemies, before one of the crew members finally gets into the Hydra. The other players can steal the P-996 LAZERs to defend the target jet. As soon as the crew steals the vehicle, the navy officer informs the others of the situation and a squadron of enemy jets are sent to bring down the Hydra. Agent 14 instructs the crew to fight against them. The squadron consist of ten jets, usually in groups of two.

Once the enemy squadron is taken out, the crew is safe to deliver the target jet to Sandy Shores Airfield to complete the mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Dinghy.
  • Wait for your team to get into the Dinghy.
  • Go to the vessel.
  • Take the stairs to the flight deck.
  • Steal the Hydra.
  • Take out the fighter jets.
  • Fly the Hydra to the drop off. (Hydra Pilot)
  • Escort the Hydra to the drop off. (Other players)


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 3 - The Humane Labs Raid - EMP (Criminal Mastermind)


  • In the enhanced version, when the player takes off from USS Luxington ATT-16 and destroys the pursuing jets after collecting the Hydra, the radio will be tuned to Los Santos Rock Radio and "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins will automatically play. This is a reference to the movie Top Gun.
  • This mission is very similar to the mission Vertical Bird in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In both missions the player is tasked by an unspecified government agent to enter an aircraft carrier from the lower decks, shoot their way up to the main deck, and steal a Hydra to be used for another purpose.
  • This mission bears a striking resemblance to a cut Story Mode Heist mission called "Harrier", in which Solomon Richards would require Michael to steal a Hydra from the same aircraft carrier for him, so that he can use it for his Meltdown movie. Michael then would gather the trio to plan for the assault. Story after that is unknown.
  • The player can find various props of stored P-996 Lazers, which have removed missiles and enclosed exhaust systems. As happens with Fort Zancudo, there are carts with stacks of missiles.
  • The jets are scripted to target the Hydra, meaning the other three players are safe from being attacked and thus, easier to defeat if the Hydra pilot decides to keep the jet safe.
  • The alarm heard in the carrier is the same used in The Big Score (Obvious Approach).
  • Regardless of who flew the Hydra, Agent 14 will talk to them as if they were the host of the mission.


  • A glitch may occur when replaying this setup mission. The jets may not take off and will instead remain at the airstrips of Fort Zancudo and, strangely, Los Santos International Airport and the bridge next to Fort Zancudo.
  • Very rarely, a glitch may occur which causes the Hydra to be stuck on the deck of the USS Luxington ATT-16, unable to take off or do anything aside from firing its weapons. If this glitch occurs, the setup must be failed and restarted.