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Get the EMP device into Humane Labs so it can be triggered during the raid. It will have been fitted into the stolen Insurgent LAPV. Store the LAPV in the lab without drawing attention.
— Brief.

Deliver EMP is the fifth and final heist setup for the Humane Raid series in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crew is instructed to go to the old dock area in North Calafia Way. Agent 14 briefs the crew that the EMP is loaded into the Insurgent and that they need to bring it at Humane Labs and Research. The crew are given with suppressed weapons, as the setup requires a stealthy approach to complete the objective.

Once everyone is in the target vehicle, the player must drive it to the facility and pull up outside near the entrance. Here, Agent 14 manages to hack the CCTV and sends the live feed to the crew, so they can plan the approach to the lab. Agent 14 instructs them to leave the vehicle at the bay on the rear of the facility.

The area is heavily surrounded by Merryweather Security soldiers and Humane Labs scientists, distributed in the following manner: two near the entrance, one on top of the building after taking a U-turn from the entrance, two checking one of the Insurgents, three around the middle section, one on top of the building near the bay and three near a Boxville. From the middle section, there is one guard who will be driving by in an Insurgent towards the exit; players can take him down or just let him pass, ensuring that they don't get spotted by the guard.

Once all guards and scientists are taken down, one should bring the Insurgent to the bay. From there, one must hack the garage door keypad via a hacking minigame. After hacking it, the player has to drive the vehicle inside the garage and park it inside. Later, the group is instructed to leave Humane Labs by taking the Boxville from there and drive away, without alerting the inbound Merryweather convoy to complete the mission.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Insurgent.
  • Get in the Insurgent.
  • Go to Humane Labs.
  • Clear a path to the bay and deliver the Insurgent.
  • Clear a path to the bay then get in the Insurgent.
  • Clear a path to the bay for the Insurgent.
  • Hack the garage door.
  • Hack the garage door. (When starting the hack)
  • Wait for your team to hack the garage door. (Other players)
  • Deliver the Insurgent to the garage. (When driving the vehicle)
  • Wait for your team to deliver the Insurgent. (Other players)
  • Leave Humane Labs.




GTA Online Heist 3 - The Humane Labs Raid - Deliver EMP (Criminal Mastermind)


  • The rain during this mission is scripted. In addition, the game clock is permanently set to 02:05 am.
  • The briefing from Agent 14 at the beginning of the mission hinted that the Hydra from the previous setup was sold on. He even hopes that the jet "gets used to what it was built for and bomb orphanages instead of sitting in mothballs appreciating in value".
  • On the south side of the driveway towards the garage, two scientists can be seen observing live monkeys in cages. These monkeys can be killed. This is the first time animals that the player can interact with have been seen in Grand Theft Auto Online.