The Hove Beach laundromat is a laundromat located in Hove Beach, Broker, Liberty City.


The laundromat in GTA Chinatown Wars.

The laundromat is owned by Muscovski, a Russian immigrant who is in debt to Vladimir Glebov

According to posters in the window, the laundromat offers washing services for $1.99. The interior is noticably dilapidated, with peeling paint on the walls and chipped wood panelling.

In Hung Out to Dry, Niko Bellic is sent to collect money from the owner of the laundromat who is late on his payments to Glebov. Niko chases Muscovski when he escapes in one of his vans.


  • The player can rob the laundromat's cash register, receiving between $9 and $199 and one wanted star.
  • The counter is manned by an unnamed Russian woman (similar to the one in the Russian Shop), who uses random phrases when Niko enters. If she is killed, she will always respawn.
  • The Hove Beach laundromat is one of three accessible laundromats in GTA IV, the other two being the Dukes Laundromat and the Alderney Laundromat.
  • The radio station playing inside the laundromat is Liberty Rock Radio.
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