This article is about the side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. For the vehicle, see Hotring Racer. For the similar race in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, see 8-Track.

Gameplay of Hotring in GTA Vice City.

Hotring is a stock car racing side-mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, one of the three events that takes place at Hyman Memorial Stadium.


Hotring is a straightforward endurance racing side mission that has the player commandeering a Hotring Racer and competing against 15 other racers in a 12-lap race around a tight oval track. The player's starting grid position is the 8th and last row, on the outside. To pass the side-mission, the player must finish in first, second, or third place.

If the player walks up to the exit at the starting line or destroys their car, the player is disqualified from the race and automatically fails the side-mission.

Much like Bloodring, destroyed cars of competitors will be replaced by new ones, re-spawning at the starting line.

To add to the difficulty of the event, the player's car is damageable (as indicated by a "Car Health" bar) and poorly durable, and the competitors are often considerably reckless, triggering other drivers to fishtail or create massive pileups as a result. For these reasons, the player must not just be aggressive, but also wary of potential hazards ahead.

A pit area located on the other end of the track from the starting line is also available to repair the player's car, and this is segregated from the main track with a curb. Repairs are accomplished by driving up to and stopping at a large halo at the pit stop. The progressive repairs are made at a constant rate, as indicated by the "Car Health" bar refilling at a steady pace, and any fires will be put out although cosmetic damage will not be fixed (dents and missing doors/bumpers remain). Players can take off any time while at the pit stop. Although helpful, pit stops may also result in the player falling back a few positions, and is unnecessary if the car's health is over 1/3 full.


Depending on their finishing position, players will be awarded the following cash prizes:

  • First place - $5,000
  • Second place - $1,500
  • Third place - $500

No reward is given to the player if they finish lower than third place.

Completing Hotring in first place is essential for 100% completion.


Although one might think that starting last is a disadvantage, the biggest pileup tends to happen at the beginning, so players can use this to their advantage to easily gain ten positions. Despite the inside line being the shortest distance and therefore the best way to make out ground, taking the outside will give more space to avoid the wreckage and ensure that you are only struck on the side/front (reducing the chances of a rollover). Alternatively, while it is instinctive to "floor it" and accelerate to full speed at the start, it might be better advised to use a moderate pace and skillfully dodge the multi-vehicle collisions, then speed up after you are clear of the other cars.

Beware of the respawn point, even if you are in the lead.

If your car is on fire and you know that you can't reach the pit stop, bail out of your car (you can retry the race), otherwise getting wasted means a trip to the hospital.

The player can cheat the race by eliminating the competition. Normally, when the player destroys an opponent's vehicle, the opponent will respawn out of a dark area right next to the exit. Park your car in the corner of that area, exit, and destroy the opponents. Since your car is blocking the spawn point, the opponents' cars cannot spawn properly. After eliminating everyone, the player can race without competition.


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