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Not to be confused with the mission with the same name in GTA Liberty City Stories, or Cop Wheels, a mission in GTA San Andreas.

Okay, Mike. The Mafia is ready to help us get out of the city, but we're going to need a car - a fast one.
Vinnie instructs Mike.

Hot Wheels is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance given to protagonist Mike by Vinnie.


At Momma's Restaurante, in Saint Mark's, Portland, Vinnie informs Mike that the Mafia have agreed to help them leave Liberty City. However, they need a fast car and one is waiting to be taken in Atlantic Quays. Mike drives to the car's location, kills an attendant and drives to the Pay 'n' Spray in Portland Harbor, to lose any interest from the police. Mike takes the Banshee back to the hideout and is paged by Vinnie, asking him to return to the restaurant for an upcoming opportunity.

Post-mission Pager Message

Pager-GTAA.pngHey, Mike. I got an opportunity for us. Get on back to the restaurant. Vinnie.


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000 and unlocking the mission Ill-Gotten.


At the Italian restaurant in Portland Beach.
Vinnie: Okay Mike. The Mafia is ready to help us out of the city, but we're going to need a car - a fast one. Head over to Atlantic Quays - there's a Banshee sitting in the lot just waiting to be taken. Grab it, get it spray painted, then drop it off at the hideout. Once you've done this, come back and we'll work on getting the money ready for transport.
Mike arrives at the parking lot in Atlantic Quays.
Valet: Do you have a parking stub for your car, Mister?
Mike: What's it to you?
Vinnie (pager): Don't leave any witnesses alive, Mike. - Vinnie.
Mike kills the valet.
Mike: High price to pay for parking around here...
Mike steals the Banshee.
Mike: Better go get this bucket a new paint job at the Pay 'N' Spray.
Mike takes the car to the Pay 'N' Spray.
Vinnie (pager): Bring the getaway car to the hideout. - Vinnie
Mike takes the car to the hideout.
Vinnie (pager): That's exactly what we needed. We're leaving in style, Mike! Leave it there and come back.



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