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Hold on to the briefcase for as long as possible.
— Mission description.

Hot Property is a Freemode Event featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the Freemode Events Update.


Grab the briefcase and go! Jump into a car, bike, boat, motorcycle, P-996 Lazer or just run for the hills with the coveted contraband in hand. Be one of the three players who hold the briefcase the longest to score GTA$ and RP bonuses.
Rockstar Games Newswire.

Hot Property mode is a competitive mode where players battle to hold a hot-property briefcase Blips-GTAO-HotProperty-Briefcase.png for the longest time. The event will last for ten minutes and players aim to hold onto the briefcase for the longest time.

Once the briefcase has been collected, the timer will begin to count up and everyone is informed that a player has collected the briefcase. If the player holding the briefcase dies, they will drop it and their timer will pause, but will resume once the same player acquires the briefcase again.


  • The briefcase will not be held when aboard the player's personal Yacht[1], or if in a vehicle that can travel underwater, such as the Kraken or Submersible[2], to prevent the player from cheating. Strangely, the Stromberg is an exception.
  • The holder cannot use the Lester's "Off Radar" feature, "Ghost Organization" while in an organization/MC or the stealth feature on the Akula to hide the briefcase from others. However, the briefcase icon will override a vehicle's icon, making players unaware what kind of vehicle they are using unless making visual contact with the briefcase holder.

Briefcase Locations

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Los Santos
Blaine County

Instructional Messages

A Hot Property briefcase Blips-GTAO-HotProperty.png is available. Collect the briefcase and hold it for as long as possible for cash and RP rewards.
You are near the Hot Property briefcase Blips-GTAO-HotProperty.png. Collect it and hold it for as long as possible to earn cash and RP.
You are holding the Hot Property briefcase. If you die it will be dropped. The three players who hold it for the longest total time will receive cash and RP rewards.
Another player has achieved 1st place. Surpass their score to take the top spot.
Another player is holding the Hot Property briefcase Blips-GTAO-HotProperty-Enemy.png. If they die it will be dropped. The three players who hold it for the longest total time will receive cash and RP rewards.



  • At times, the player will be unable to enter buildings even after the event is finished, with the instructional message indicating they cannot enter "while in a mission". The only way to fix this issue is restarting the game.

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  1. HTP_YHTNOHOLD = The Hot Property cannot be held while on board a Yacht.
  2. HTP_SUBNOHOLD = The Hot Property cannot be held while inside a vehicle that can go underwater.