Hot Dog Homicide! is the first mission given to Claude Speed by the Russian Mafia in Grand Theft Auto 2. It is given from the Industrial District in Anywhere City.


A major meat processing company is offering the Russian Mafia to make hot dogs if "meat" is supplied, and Jerkov orders Claude Speed to steal a bus and pick up people from bus stops. He picks up several people and takes the bus to a meat processor, where the passengers are killed and turned into hotdogs. Once this is done, he drives a Hot Dog Van and delivers the hotdogs to the Kovski Diner.


Find a Bus, pick up some passengers, deliver them to the Meat Processing Plant, drive Hot Dog Van to the Kovski dinner.


First, you need a bus. You should find a bus stop. Bus always spawns near one when you are close. Just stay on the Bus Stop and wait passengers enter the bus. Jerkov tell you when you have enough. Proceed to the Meat Processing Plant and unload the bus. Go to the top of the Cage and observe the following events. Go to the Hot Dog Van and drive it to the Kovski Dinner. You will get 40.000 upon job completion.


  • In the PlayStation port, Claude must pick up Hare Krishna thugs instead of pedestrians. He also has to drive a Karma Bus to do the job instead of the civilian version one. This is possibly because civilian buses do not exist in the PS1 version of GTA2.


Video Walkthrough

GTA2 - Job 49 Hot Dog Homicide!

GTA2 - Job 49 Hot Dog Homicide!