"Ahh, we all do dumb things... that's what makes us human."
— Hossan Ramzy to Niko Bellic in The Cousins Bellic.

Hossan Ramzy (Arabic: حسن رمزي) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Hossan is an Egyptian merchant seaman who worked alongside Niko Bellic onboard the Platypus. In the game's introduction, he expresses a desire to "make a go of it" and enter the United States to live the American Dream. In an e-mail, Hossan says that he has jumped ship in Florida, and expects to reside there. In reality, he still resides in Liberty City.

Random characters

Niko meets up with Hossan in a Random characters in western Algonquin, where he works as a street vendor selling counterfeit purses and bags. During this encounter, he and Niko pursue and kill a man who refused to pay Hossan for his work due to his status as an illegal immigrant.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Hossan
Place of Birth:Egypt
  • N/A
Criminal Record:
  • 2007 - Trademark Counterfeiting
  • Recent immigrant to Liberty City from Egypt.
  • Arrested selling counterfeit handbags in Suffolk.

Mission Appearances



Hossan's Random Encounter

GTA 4 - Random Character 5 - Hossan Ramzy (1080p)

GTA 4 - Random Character 5 - Hossan Ramzy (1080p)


  • The names Hossan is an Anglicised form of the Arabic name, Hassan. Ramzy is correct Arabic. An authentic rendering of his name would be "Hassan Ramzy". However, Hossan could also be pronounced as "Hossam", which is another Arabic male name.
    • His name may be a play on Hossam Ramzy, an Egyptian percussionist and music producer whose song "Khusara Khusara" was sampled in Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'.
  • Like most characters in-game, Hossan will don a unique helmet when riding alongside the protagonist on a motorbike. His helmet is white.
  • Ironically, the target in his encounter uses a generic pedestrian model used by Russians/Eastern-Europeans in Hove Beach.



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