Hospitals are locations in the Grand Theft Auto series where the protagonist re-spawns after being killed. Each hospital services a particular area of the game's map. The fee for hospital service depends on the game. Hospitals also provide health pickups and often have parked ambulances.

Liberty City - 3D Universe

Costs $1000 each time "Wasted" (Grand Theft Auto III)

Costs $100 each time "Wasted" (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories)

Portland Island

Sweeney General Hospital, Portland View "Catering since 1897"

Staunton Island

Carson General Hospital, Rockford "Established 1973 - Because Health is Liberty"

  • Two Health items on the grounds
  • Ambulances, most of the time on the ground (sometimes locked)
  • Hidden Package on the flat roof just right of the emergency entrance (only in Grand Theft Auto III)

Shoreside Vale

Hope Medical College, Pike Creek "Practicing Medicine for some Time now"

Vice City

Costs $100 each time "Wasted"

Ocean View Hospital, Ocean Beach

Schuman Health Care Center, Downtown

Shady Palms Hospital, Vice Point

West Haven Community Healthcare Center, Little Havana

San Andreas

Costs $100 each time "Wasted". Free of charge when dating Katie Zhan.

Liberty City - HD Universe

Medical costs in GTA IV depend largely on the amount of cash the player carries. If the player has less than $100,000, 10% of the cash in hand is deducted (i.e. if the player has $33,000, $3,300 is taken away). If the player has over $100,000, the payment is capped at $10,000.

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San Andreas - HD Universe

Los Santos is a dangerous place and hospitals are expensive. President Lawton's healthcare policy is "pay or die" so try to stay out of trouble or the medical bills will soon pile up.
— GTA V Manual

Medical costs in GTA V depend on how much money the players have when they're wasted. The maximum medical bill is $5,000. The following is a list of the hospitals in San Andreas (the locations that aren't re-spawn points for the player are marked with an asterisk):

Los Santos

Paleto Bay

Sandy Shores

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