Hospitals are locations in the Grand Theft Auto series where the protagonist re-spawns after being killed. Each hospital services a particular area of the game's map. The fee for hospital service depends on the game. Hospitals also provide health pickups and often have parked ambulances.

Liberty City - 3D Universe

Costs $1000 each time "Wasted" (Grand Theft Auto III)

Costs $100 each time "Wasted" (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories)

Portland Island

Sweeney General Hospital, Portland View "Catering since 1897"

Staunton Island

Carson General Hospital, Rockford "Established 1973 - Because Health is Liberty"

Shoreside Vale

Hope Medical College, Pike Creek "Practicing Medicine for some Time now"

Vice City

Costs $100 each time "Wasted"

Ocean View Hospital, Ocean Beach

Schuman Health Care Center, Downtown

Shady Palms Hospital, Vice Point

West Haven Community Healthcare Center, Little Havana

San Andreas

Costs $100 each time "Wasted". Free of charge when dating Katie Zhan.

Liberty City - HD Universe

Medical costs in GTA IV depend largely on the amount of cash the player carries. If the player has less than $100,000, 10% of the cash in hand is deducted (i.e. if the player has $33,000, $3,300 is taken away). If the player has over $100,000, the payment is capped at $10,000.

Map For Hospitals in GTA IV

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San Andreas - HD Universe

"Los Santos is a dangerous place and hospitals are expensive. President Lawton's healthcare policy is "pay or die" so try to stay out of trouble or the medical bills will soon pile up."
— GTA V Manual

Medical costs in GTA V depend on how much money the players have when they're wasted. The maximum medical bill is $5,000. The following is a list of the hospitals in San Andreas (the locations that aren't re-spawn points for the player are marked with an asterisk):

Los Santos

Paleto Bay

Sandy Shores

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