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Franklin and Lamar show Trevor a typical South Los Santos neighborhood.
GTA V description at Rockstar Games Social Club
Trevor: "Did we ask for a key, or a fucking ounce?!"
Lamar: "Man, that's motherfucking drywall!"
Trevor Philips and Lamar Davis, after they've had their suspicions.

Hood Safari is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Lamar Davis to protagonists Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips at Franklin's House, in Strawberry, South Los Santos, San Andreas.


As said above, the mission can be introduced in either Franklin's or Trevor's perspective. The mission begins at Franklin's house, where Lamar and Denise heckle the latter for his neglect of the CGF as of late. Franklin however doesn't want to be apart of the petty gang banging in any way possible. Trevor suddenly appears out of the blue. After giving Denise a few bucks and shooing her back into the house, he says his reason for being there is to make new friends. At that moment, a drug deal sounded ravishing.

The men load themselves into the back of Lamar's van, along with Lamar's dog Chop, and head to Grove Street, where they'll do the exchange with the Ballas. After reaching Grove shortly, everyone gets out of the van and follows Lamar up to one of the houses. The dealer opens the door suspiciously as all three men are presented with a white block wrapped in plastic. Once it's cut open, Lamar gets a taste and is extremely eager to hand over a large sum of cash for it.

Trevor however, is much more skeptical. He asks if they can take a sample from the other side of the brick, but the dealer refuses to do so and instead plays hardball, emboldened by Franklin's eagerness to leave as soon as possible. As Trevor grows frustrated, he grabs onto the block and after a moment of tug of war with the dealer, it breaks in half, proving his skepticism to be correct after all; it was just a gram of nose-candy surrounding a core of drywall filler. The dealer shouts out into the street that they have a case of "buyer's remorse" on hand before quickly slamming the door.

The throbbing score violently begins to increase as more armed Ballas members appear in Felons disposed to kill the trio as Chop runs back home. In the heat of the battle, the LSPD show up to deal with the situation. Franklin and Trevor follow Lamar through a narrow alley that he found in an effort to help the men escape. As they ran towards the open water, they see the rapper MC Clip and a group of girls in colourful bikinis dancing for a film crew in front of three jet skis. After stealing them, all three men head towards the open sea.

After riding across the ocean and putting distance between them and the cops, Franklin figures that the cops would have a harder time catching them if they all split up. From there, depending on who the player is controlling, can either have all the characters go off on their own or pair up with another character to escape the cops. Depending on who the player is playing as and which way they choose to escape will either end the mission early or open up unique conversations with Trevor, Lamar or Franklin.


Go to Franklin's house to trigger the mission, if the player wants to save without triggering the mission they can do so by using the Quick save feature from the protagonist's Mobile Phone.

Get in the van.

Get in Lamar's Speedo van with the trio.

Go to Grove Street.

Wait for the trio to get in Lamar's van and drive to Grove Street for the deal.

Go to the house.

Get out of Lamar's speedo van with the trio, walking to the dealer's house. A cutscene will play about the "thing".

Escape from Grove Street with Lamar and Trevor.

This objective appears the same for Franklin and Trevor. After the cutscene, Ballas gang members attacks the trio. Kill and escape from Ballas with Lamar and Trevor helping. SWITCH to either Trevor or Franklin if they have low health.

Follow Lamar.

After escaping from Grove Street, the LSPD will come to deal with the situation. Follow Lamar to the LS River, the player can kill MC Clip or straight through stealing his Seasharks, later a little cutscene starts. After the cutscene, a car will drive-by and attack the trio, the player can shoot back but it will not be necessary as the driver will lose focus on the side of the river and crash. A helicopter flies by and shoots the trio. After riding across the ocean, the trio has to split up. Before the next objective, the player can SWITCH to Trevor or Franklin as they will be unable to SWITCH later.

Lose the Cops.

This objective only appears when the player loses both of the characters later they have to lose the cops by themselves, alone.

Escape the Cops with Lamar.

This objective is only available to Franklin or Trevor teaming up with Lamar, they need to work together and lose the cops.

Escape the Cops with Franklin.

This objective is only available to Trevor teaming up with Franklin, losing the cops.

Escape the Cops with Trevor.

This objective only appears to Franklin teaming up with Trevor. Lose the cops.

Go to Franklin's house.

Take Franklin to his house at Strawberry.

Go to the strip club.

Take Trevor to his safehouse at Vanilla Unicorn, Strawberry.

Go to Lamar's house.

Take Lamar to his house at Strawberry, near Franklin's house.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 07:00.
    • Skip all cutscenes and flee alone up the LS River.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.
    • Kill enemies with headshots or a shotgun.
  • Headshots - Kill 12 enemies with a headshot.
    • Shoot as many enemies with headshots, which also helps with accuracy.


Phone Calls

  • Franklin can call Lamar after the mission, asking him if he has called Stretch about the situation, in which Lamar will reply saying that Stretch was as shocked as the trio was. Franklin doesn't believe Stretch and tells Lamar to be careful, to which Lamar will tell Franklin to be a little bit more like Trevor.
  • After calling Lamar, Franklin can call Stretch to confront him about his suspicions. Stretch will brush it off and be angry at Franklin for bringing Trevor along to the meeting, to which Franklin responds to by saying that it was a good thing that Trevor was there because he uncovered the scam and that thanks to him, Franklin is still alive. Franklin then asks Stretch why he set up him and Lamar, but Stretch dismisses having any role in it and instead blames it on Trevor for coming along.
  • Lamar will text Trevor after the mission, offering to hang out. Trevor can call Lamar afterwards, engaging in an awkward conversation.

Los Santos Shepherd Newspaper

"MC Clip was killed yesterday after gangsters fleeing from a shootout in Davis and overran a photoshoot and shot Clip dead before escaping on some Speedophile Seasharks. MC Clip, real name Curtis Cray turned his back to gangster life 3 years ago to embrace narcissistic consumption, and was about to release a new album when he was gunned down. Experts believe this will be a great career move, especially for a rapper with messianic delusions. Police are searching for 3 gang bangers on Seasharks."

Weazel News Radio

Only if MC Clip is spared

"The recent upsurge in violence continues; An MC Clip photo shoot in the Los Santos river turned nasty after three gang bangers disrupted proceedings and shot the place up. Police are searching for three gang members on Speedophiles."

Weazel News Radio

Only if MC Clip is killed

"The outbreak of violence continues; An MC Clip photoshoot in the Los Santos river turned into tragedy as a shootout between rival gangs overran it; MC Clip, real name Curtis Cray turned his back on the gangster life three years ago to embrace narcissist consumption. Unfortunately, it was too late. Mr. Clip is dead."

Reporter: "I'm here talking to a distraught MC Clip fan."

MC Clip fan: "It's so sad to see a mouthy ego maniac die like that!"

Lifeinvader Posts

LifeInvader GTAV Tavell Profile large.png
Posted an update (after Hood Safari)
Just on the news about MC Clip gettin jumped. You can only fake it for so long before something real comes at you.
LifeInvader GTAV Stretch Profile large.png
Posted an update (after Hood Safari)
Don't know what happened with that thing in Davis but I'll find the homie that turned us.
LifeInvader GTAV Demarcus Profile large.png
Posted an update (after Hood Safari)
Grove Street burning!!! Which set ran up on them? Carson Ave?
LifeInvader GTAV Tanisha Profile large.png
Posted an update (after Hood Safari)
Sounds like things are bad in South LS right now - hope you're safe x

Bleeter Posts

Bleeter GTAVpc Generic.png
grove street got lit up 4 real old skool style - families motherfuckas blazin in here forgettin this is r house now

Bleeter GTAVpc MCClip.png
Photoshoot got ruined by a couple of hoods who stole our seasharks. Interrupted my flow on some smokin hot models 2. When r brothas gonna stop hatin on my success?


  • MC Clip - Can be killed by either Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips to steal his Seashark. Regardless of the player's choice, the news will state that he was killed. (non-canon death)
  • Numerous members of the Ballas - Killed by Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips and Lamar Davis during an ambush.



Pictorial Walkthrough

Escaping alone
Escaping with Lamar
Escaping with Trevor
Escaping with Franklin

Video Walkthroughs

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Hood Safari
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]



  • The mission was originally going to be called "Ghetto Safari" and "Urban Safari".
  • The player can hear four different conversations by the end of the mission, depending on which characters escape together after losing the cops:
    • Franklin and Lamar: They will talk about the former Grove Street set of The Families, the "Grove Street Families". Lamar tells Franklin that Grove Street was The Families' former territory. Franklin replies by saying that GSF was on Grove Street a long time ago and that the living remaining members could be either dead or their had become CEOs.
    • Franklin and Trevor (playing as Franklin): They will talk about Michael being a bad influence on Franklin.
    • Trevor and Franklin (playing as Trevor): They will talk about the old life of Michael and Trevor in the Midwest.
      • When playing as Trevor and sticking with Franklin during the escape, Franklin may say "Let's see how the experienced expert in everything ducks the cops!" referencing to how Trevor is a "professional" criminal.
    • Trevor and Lamar: They will talk about what the colors represent to the gangs.
    • Escaping as Franklin or Trevor individually results in the mission ending once the wanted level is lost.
      • While this is the fastest option for earning the Gold Medal, there is no extra dialogue.
  • Calling Lamar after the mission will reveal unique dialogue between Franklin and Lamar regarding Stretch and the setup.
    • It is also possible to call Stretch, where he and Franklin will discuss about Trevor coming along to the meeting.
  • During the shootout, Lamar may say additional lines if the player uses a sniper rifle.
  • Trevor may yell, "Chamberlain Families for life, motherfuckers!", a reference to how the Grove Street Families motto is, "Grove 4 Life", he also yells this line in Lamar Down.
  • After this mission, Lamar will send a text message to Trevor thanking him and saying they should hang out, unlocking Lamar as a friend for Trevor.
    • Franklin can also hang out with Lamar and Trevor together as well.
  • The mission can be seen in the pre-release screenshot, but its name was never revealed at the time. It was also featured in the first-person reveal trailer.
    • The background music used during the shootout between the Ballas and the protagonists is the same music used in the Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer.
  • As the player approaches the cul-de-sac, they will be able to see 3 npcs on BMX bikes riding down Grove Street, referencing the mission Sweet & Kendl in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, in which CJ, Sweet, Big Smoke and Ryder escape the pursuing Ballas on bikes.
    • The drug deal goes down at a house that is in the same vicinity that the Johnson House existed in 3D Universe counterpart of Grove Street in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, although the house bears little resemblance.
  • The name and setup of the mission are similar to Concrete Jungle, a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, where Niko Bellic helps Little Jacob to go to a drug deal, which fails, leading Niko to kill the dealers and later taking revenge on the dealers' friends in their apartment.
  • It is possible to kill MC Clip during the mission, with Weazel News reporting on it. Oddly, a bleet from MC Clip on Bleeter exists afterwards, meaning that he either bleeted prior to dying, the news was wrong, or that it was a developer oversight.
  • Trevor defaults to the Pump Shotgun, and Franklin to the SMG in this mission.
  • Chop flees once the firefight begins, following Lamar's orders. Once the mission ends, he'll return to Franklin's safehouse.
  • Either Franklin or Trevor can trigger the mission; Trevor will arrive in the middle of Franklin's argument with his aunt and Lamar. To see the complete exchange, start the mission as Franklin.
  • Once the icon appears on the map for this mission (upon completion of "Three's Company"), Franklin will always spawn near his aunt's house when switched to, regardless of whether or not he has moved into the Vinewood Hills safehouse yet.
  • This mission is extremely similar to a scene of the movie Training Day where a resident of Compton, on which Grove Street and Davis in general are based, yells out to the gang members nearby that they were ripped off, prompting a gunfight that involves the whole neighborhood. In Hood Safari, the drug dealer who attempts to swindle Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor, shouts a line about buyer's remorse before slamming the door, prompting the local Ballas members to open fire on the trio.