Carl Johnson enters Ryder's House to find Ryder in the back yard digging up the garden.
Ryder: Damn!
Carl: Hey, man, what'chu doin'! Diggin' graves?
Ryder: Damn, where the fuck I put it, man!
Carl: Put what, ni**a?
Ryder: Man, the fucking water! I need a little something before I go deal with things!
Carl: What things, fool?
Ryder: My homie, LB, he told me about this army motherfucker who's got all the guns we need! Not that old school Emmet bullshit neither.
Carl: I'm down, let's roll.
Ryder: Yeah, you always down, homie. Apart from when you ain't around here.
Carl: Ni**a, fuck you!
Ryder: Damn! Man, you want some of this?
Carl: Nah, man. I'm cool on that. Where we going?
Ryder: This till overlooking East Beach. Better yet, we better wait until it's dark, catch the motherfucker while he in bed.
Carl: Yeah, I'm feeling that.
Ryder starts digging around in his garden again.
Ryder: Yeah, yeah, that's it, that's it... C'mon ni**a, what you waiting for? Look!
Carl: Let it go!
Later that evening, Carl and Ryder get in a black Boxville parked outside Ryder's house and drive to Colonel Fuhrberger's House in East Beach.
Ryder: Where is this old motherfucker? Where in hell is he?
Carl: Relax man. We ain't there yet.
Ryder: Yeah, right, Carl. You always right. That's my homie, Mister Right.
Carl: Shut up.
Ryder: You can't stop me.
Carl: Who can't?
Ryder: Whatever.
Carl and Ryder arrive at the Colonel's house. Carl parks the van outside the house and both he and Ryder alight.
Ryder: Let's storm the place.
Carl: Hold up. Let's creep in, grab the guns, and bounce out.
Ryder: Yeah, yeah, I got it - ninja style! Right... (shouts) Come out you old bastard!
Carl: Shut up!
Ryder: He can't stop me, you buster, Carl! Ok, fool, in you go - I'll keep watch
Carl enters the Colonel's house and steals the weapons crates located around the house. If he makes too much noise at first...
Colonel: (still asleep) Get off my ridge, you Viet Cong bastards!
After collecting all the crates, Carl and Ryder get back in the van.
Carl: Let's get up out of here.
Carl and Ryder leave the area and drive to the lockup.
Ryder: A'ight, now we straight. LB's got a storage garage down on Seville Boulevard Families' turf we can use
Carl: I'm on it. Seriously, Ryder man, you gotta give up them sticks.
Ryder: What? I'll give up the water if you give up being a busta.
Carl: Hold it right there, homie.
Ryder: Buster.
Carl: Forget it.
Ryder: Forget you fool.
Carl: One day, you're gonna wish you hadn't pissed me off!
Ryder: Did I hear something? Sounded like the busta complaining again.
Carl: Man, this is childish.
Ryder: Man, I ain't talking to you no more, fool.
Carl arrives at the lockup and parks the van inside. Carl and Ryder exit the lockup.
Ryder: You see, I told you, simple.
CJ: Yeah, that was a real breeze.
Ryder: Say, CJ, you gotta get it in your head that this is everyday shit, homie.
CJ: Ok, look, I'm tired, I'll see you later.
Ryder: Alright, homes. Just think about what I said.
Ryder departs to see CJ back at Grove Street.
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