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My homie, LB - he told me about this army motherfucker who's got all the guns we need. Not that old school Emmet bullshit either!
— Ryder to CJ

Home Invasion is the second mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Ryder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This mission introduces the Burglar side-mission.


Carl goes to see Ryder at his house. Carl walks into Ryder's backyard where he sees Ryder digging holes all across the lawn. Ryder tells Carl that he's looking for the 'water' he buried. Ryder then asks Carl to steal gun crates from a Vietnam War veteran named Colonel Fuhrberger. Carl and Ryder decide to wait until nightfall, so they can break into his house while he is asleep. When night arrives, Carl and Ryder get into a black Boxville parked outside Ryder's house. The two drive over to the war veteran's house and Carl goes inside while Ryder waits outside keeping guard. Carl sneaks through the house looking for gun crates, trying not to wake Colonel Fuhrberger.

After retrieving at least three crates of guns, Carl heads back outside. Carl gets back into the Boxville and he and Ryder drive over to a lockup in Willowfield. On the way, Carl tells Ryder to give up the drugs, to which Ryder tells Carl that he will give up the 'water' if Carl gives up being a buster. Carl tells Ryder that he's gonna wish he didn't piss him off one day. Carl and Ryder drive into the lock up and unload the van. Afterwards, they walk out and Ryder tells Carl to get it in his head that this sort of stuff is 'everyday shit', before leaving.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Park the truck near the house and get the guns before daylight.
  • Park the truck near the house and get the guns before daylight.
  • Enter the house.
  • Find a crate.
  • You need to steal at least 3 crates of guns.
  • You're making too much noise, you have to sneak! [?]
  • Take the guns back to the truck.
  • Go and fetch another crate.
  • Go and fetch another crate.
  • Find a crate or get in the truck and go offload what you've already stashed.
  • Get safely back to the lockup.
  • Park the truck inside the lockup.

Instructional Messages

You must remain silent at all times.
If you make too much noise, you will wake the inhabitants of the house.
Make sure the noise bar does not reach maximum.
You can perform burglaries at night when not on a mission.
Many houses can be broken into, and goods stolen from the owners.
You need to get in this type of van to start the burglary.
Load up the truck then take it back to the lockup.


Carl Johnson enters Ryder's House to find Ryder in the back yard digging up the garden.
Ryder: Damn!
Carl: Hey, man, what'chu doin'! Diggin' graves?
Ryder: Damn, where the fuck I put it, man!
Carl: Put what, ni**a?
Ryder: Man, the fucking water! I need a little something before I go deal with things!
Carl: What things, fool?
Ryder: My homie, LB, he told me about this army motherfucker who's got all the guns we need! Not that old school Emmet bullshit neither.
Carl: I'm down, let's roll.
Ryder: Yeah, you always down, homie. Apart from when you ain't around here.
Carl: Ni**a, fuck you!
Ryder: Damn! Man, you want some of this?
Carl: Nah, man. I'm cool on that. Where we going?
Ryder: This till overlooking East Beach. Better yet, we better wait until it's dark, catch the motherfucker while he in bed.
Carl: Yeah, I'm feeling that.
Ryder starts digging around in his garden again.
Ryder: Yeah, yeah, that's it, that's it... C'mon ni**a, what you waiting for? Look!
Carl: Let it go!
Later that evening, Carl and Ryder get in a black Boxville parked outside Ryder's house and drive to Colonel Fuhrberger's House in East Beach.
Ryder: Where is this old motherfucker? Where in hell is he?
Carl: Relax man. We ain't there yet.
Ryder: Yeah, right, Carl. You always right. That's my homie, Mister Right.
Carl: Shut up.
Ryder: You can't stop me.
Carl: Who can't?
Ryder: Whatever.
Carl and Ryder arrive at the Colonel's house. Carl parks the van outside the house and both he and Ryder alight.
Ryder: Let's storm the place.
Carl: Hold up. Let's creep in, grab the guns, and bounce out.
Ryder: Yeah, yeah, I got it - ninja style! Right... (shouts) Come out you old bastard!
Carl: Shut up!
Ryder: He can't stop me, you buster, Carl! Ok, fool, in you go - I'll keep watch
Carl enters the Colonel's house and steals the weapons crates located around the house. If he makes too much noise at first...
Colonel: (still asleep) Get off my ridge, you Viet Cong bastards!
After collecting all the crates, Carl and Ryder get back in the van.
Carl: Let's get up out of here.
Carl and Ryder leave the area and drive to the lockup.
Ryder: A'ight, now we straight. LB's got a storage garage down on Seville Boulevard Families' turf we can use
Carl: I'm on it. Seriously, Ryder man, you gotta give up them sticks.
Ryder: What? I'll give up the water if you give up being a busta.
Carl: Hold it right there, homie.
Ryder: Buster.
Carl: Forget it.
Ryder: Forget you fool.
Carl: One day, you're gonna wish you hadn't pissed me off!
Ryder: Did I hear something? Sounded like the busta complaining again.
Carl: Man, this is childish.
Ryder: Man, I ain't talking to you no more, fool.
Carl arrives at the lockup and parks the van inside. Carl and Ryder exit the lockup.
Ryder: You see, I told you, simple.
CJ: Yeah, that was a real breeze.
Ryder: Say, CJ, you gotta get it in your head that this is everyday shit, homie.
CJ: Ok, look, I'm tired, I'll see you later.
Ryder: Alright, homes. Just think about what I said.
Ryder departs to see CJ back at Grove Street.


The reward for this mission is an increase in respect. The mission Catalyst is unlocked.


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  • If the player fails the mission (by firing a gun other than a silenced gun, making too much noise, etc.) before collecting three crates, a cutscene shows Carl running out of the house, only to find that Ryder has abandoned him and he is left with a two-star wanted level.
  • If CJ steals at least three crates before alerting Fuhrberger, the mission will still proceed. Ryder will tell the player that the police have been alerted and Carl will receive a two-star wanted level.
    • If this happens, two LSPD police officers will arrive on the scene in a Police Car. These 2 officers will behave rather differently compared to normal officers. They will not despawn for the duration of the mission, even if the player manage to loose all wanted level. One of the officers will pursue the player relentlessly and open fire on sight even if the player has no wanted level.
    • The other officer, however, will stop pursuing the player after a while, but when the player points a weapon at him, a one star wanted level will be gained but the officer will raise his arms and will either taunt the player or try to deescalate. Normal police officers will open fire if the player points a weapon at them and will not say anything. However, after the player gets back inside the Boxville, the officer will attempt to commandeer a nearby civilian vehicle and continue to pursue you.
  • If the player stays in the house and runs of time, before stealing three crates, Fuhrberger will wake up and suspect something isn't right. CJ runs out of the house, but Ryder abandons him and Carl gets a two-star wanted level.
  • If the player stays out of the house and runs of time, before stealing three crates, a cutscene will show Ryder getting in the truck and abandoning CJ. Carl calls him a buster for that and he gets a two-star wanted level.
  • The player can kill Fuhrberger without failing the mission even before collecting three crates, but only if they use a sniper rifle. He will still shout a warning first, but will be dead nonetheless, and the noise meter will not move for the rest of the mission. This makes the mission much easier to complete.
  • Rarely, if the player runs out of the house before the meter is full, the subtitle text of Fuhrberger snoring will be seen. This even happens with subtitles off.
  • If the police are alerted after collecting three crates, the police car that appears in front of the Boxville has a license plate that reads "TH3 PIGS" ("the pigs"), a slang term for the police.
  • In the dialogue while CJ and Ryder are driving to the lockup, both of them are arguing, with CJ telling him "One day, you’re gonna wish you hadn't pissed me off". This can be seen as foreshadowing the events of the mission The Green Sabre where CJ discovers Ryder's and Big Smoke's betrayal. In the later mission Pier 69, CJ kills Ryder for betraying the Grove Street Families.


  • If the player stays in the house and runs out of time, before stealing three crates, a cutscene will show Fuhrberger waking up and the subtitles say “Morning already… wait a minute, something doesn’t feel right here.”, even though Fuhrberger doesn't even say that.