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Holy Fuck is a Canadian electronica band from Toronto, who composed the official score for the Bikers update in Grand Theft Auto Online, released on October 4, 2016. The band are currently formed by Brian Borcherdt, Graham Walsh, Matt "Punchy" McQuaid and Matt Schulz.

Their score "Idea I" for the Bikers update is used as a sample for the song "Bikers" by Dâm-Funk, as part of GTA Online's 10th Anniversary remixes included in the 2023 album Dâm-Funk Presents The Music of Grand Theft Auto Online Original Score. The remixed track is included in-game as part of the Even the Score mixtape.

In-Game Songs[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Official Score[]

  • Holy Fuck – Idea I (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea II (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea III (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea IV (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea V (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea VI (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea VII (2016)
  • Holy Fuck – Idea VIII (2016)

Even the Score[]

  • Holy Fuck & DâM-FunK – Bikers (2023)


  • A song from their 2007 debut album LP, "Royal Gregory", was featured on the soundtrack of Midnight Club: Los Angeles, another Rockstar title.
    • Their remix of Celebration's 2007 track "Fly The Fly" was originally planned to be included in the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto IV, but did not make the final cut for unknown reasons.[1]


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