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"Get the five cases out of a heavily protected base. Once you have them, make sure you keep them safe."
―-Match description

Hold: The Watch Tower is a Rockstar verified user-created Capture job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The capture takes place around Sandy Shores, with the main location being the Sandy Shores Airfield.

The two team bases are located on Joshua Road, north Sandy Shores (team 2),near Nowhere Road, Senora National Park (team 1) and near Route 68, Grand Senora Desert (team 3).

There are 5 security cases located within the airspace of the airfield, some are located near the hangar. The players must fight their way into 'the heavily protected base' and steal them.

Props like containers and fences are useful for defense against other players.

Weapons like Grenades and Advanced Rifles are on the airstrip, and Armor is available outside the bases.

Vehicles like Froggers and Sanchezes are also in the teams bases.


GTAO-The Watch Tower Map



  • This is one of the few User-Created captures that is a 3-team job.
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