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"A joint operation comprised of the FIB and local PD has just resulted in several bags of drugs being seized in Paleto Bay. While one faction fights to recover their blow, another seizes the chance to steal them before the evidence is locked up for good."
―-Match description

Hold: Operation Interrupt is a Rockstar verified user-created Capture job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Hold takes place around Paleto Bay. Police and Sheriff are securing the house and the Duffel Bags from the players, so players must kill them to get to the bags.

The 2 bases are located in the car park outside the Beeker's Garage on the east side of Paleto Bay, and the other one is located in another car park opposite the Ammu-nation in Paleto Bay.

Vehicles like FIB vehicles and Police Mavericks are securing the house, whilst cars like the Jackal are located at the bases. Bati motorcycles are also available.

Weapons like Sticky Bombs, SMGs and Advanced Rifles are available around the vicinity.





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