HoboTron is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located at the grounds of the Colony Island Cemetery.


The mission can be started by walking onto the blue marker found at the center of the cemetery. The player will then be stripped of their weapons and will be given three timebombs which can be dropped when desired and automatically detonated after a few seconds. The objective of this side mission is to survive six rounds of hostile "hobos" who will relentlessly chase the player and become better equipped as the rounds go by.

Each "hobo" carries money, which is the scoring element used in the mission and therefore must be collected by the player, and better equipped "hobos" will carry a larger amount of it. The current round and the weapon the player uses to kill the "hobos" also influences the amount they drop.

During rounds, weapons such as dual pistols, micro SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and miniguns may spawn (represented by a green dot on the radar) which can be picked up and used by the player to defend themselves from the onslaught.

If the player reaches and survives the sixth round, they will be awarded a gold medal and progress will be made towards 100% completion. Conversely, the player will fail the mission if he is killed or if he leaves the cemetery grounds by jumping over the barricades that block the entrances.


  • Avoid coming into contact with sword-wielding "hobos", as they are normally lethal to the player and may even kill the player immediately despite the amount of health or armor the player has. However, their swing also inadvertently kills fellow "hobos" chasing the player.
  • Collect the money dropped as soon as possible, as these disappear quickly. However, always be mindful of your (or the money's) distance from hostile "hobos".
  • A flying kick is effective against lines of weaponless "hobos" (due to their low health) and single sword-wielding "hobos" (as it temporarily stuns them). However, using this move also delays movement for a second, so the player should only use this when they consider it safe to do so.
  • It is recommended to finish the two Noodle Run missions and Vigilante beforehand, as completion of these missions result in health renegeration (when health is low) and double armor respectively.
  • Keep your distance from fire-wielding "hobos" as they explode once they are near enough to the player, temporarily stunning the player. If one is killed before reaching the player, however, he will explode and deal damage to any "hobos" (or the player if they are nearby) around him.
  • Use the minigun and shotgun only when needed and on a safe distance, as the minigun's weight slows the player down and the shotgun's pump animation delays movement for a second.
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