Hiroshi is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 who works for Johnny Zoo, leader of the Yakuza in the Downtown Sector of Anywhere City. Hiroshi robs a bank to get funds for the Yakuza[1] and has Claude Speed kill some guards[2] and act as a getaway driver.[3]

Mission appearances



  1. Johnny Zoo: "Ah, Kosai, Johnny Zoo here. I am having money illegally transferred to my bank account and I need you to help my inside man, Hiroshi." (from Bank Robbery! mission)
  2. Johnny Zoo: "Hiroshi will not come out until the two City Bank Guards are out of the way. What are you waiting for, Kosai?" (from Bank Robbery! mission)
  3. Johnny Zoo: "SHIT! Someone tipped off the Cops, Kosai! Your Cop Wanted Level has risen. Here's $5,000 so you can respray the car to throw the Cops off your trail." (from Bank Robbery! mission)
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