The Hippies are a minor gang featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The Hippies are inspired by the American subculture of the same name. The Hippies have a fascination with extraterrestrial life as they are seen at alien-related landmarks. They also seem to have some minor involvement in drug dealing as they are seen dealing with gangs such as The Lost MC. They are found in a trailer park north of RON Alternates Wind Farm, and in Beam Me Up, an art installation located in the hill east of Sandy Shores. They are easily distinguished with sleeveless shirts, or wearing no shirt, bandannas, tattoos on their chest and back, and necklaces. Hippies are normally not aggressive towards the player, in fact they are unarmed and normally run away when the player shows the first sign of aggression. However, a group of hippies armed with guns will fight the player alongside The Lost MC during the Online mission War and Pieces.

Events of GTA Online

In War and Pieces, one of their members is in possession of a brick of Cocaine, which is retrieved by the Online Protagonist for Gerald. In Hippy Hunting, a hippy carrying Weed will be driving in a Surfer, which is stolen by the Online Protagonist.

In certain resupply missions for motorcycle club methamphetamine businesses, they play as antagonists. They are seen cooking meth at their trailer park, and will chase the player in Biftas.

Events of GTA V

Franklin can meet a hippie named Omega who appears as a Stranger/Freak. During the mission Far Out, he will be talking to himself while searching for aliens with his device. He then tells Franklin that he made contact with aliens a couple days before. He then tells Franklin that a spaceship fell from the sky in San Andreas and scattered pieces across the state. Next, he then sends Franklin to retrieve 50 spaceship parts (this starts the mission The Final Frontier). Once the player retrieves 50 parts, he will get a text from Omega to meet him at his trailer. Once there, he will show an object that resembles an UFO which starts flying like a spaceship. Next, Omega leaves the garage, saying "see you on the other side!".

Mission Appearances

GTA Online
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