"Everyone welcome"
―Entrance sign

The Hill Valley Church is a church ministry in Grand Theft Auto V.


There are two churches serving under the Hill Valley Church name: one on West Eclipse Boulevard in Pacific Bluffs, Los Santos and another in Great Chaparral. The church network is probably based on the Piru United Methodist Church.

The adjacent cemetery for the Pacific Bluffs church is set across a hill and has a lake at its centre with a small bridge that connects it to a small island. The cemetery for the Great Chaparral church is much smaller. The engravings on some of the headstones read "Rest In Pieces" (instead of "Rest In Peace") and "Quiet, Isn't It?". Others have 1986 as years of death.

Sometimes, a dog can be seen walking into the cemetery. If the player chooses to follow it, it will eventually stop in front of a headstone with a bouquet of flowers laid next to it.

The church's denomination is not specified, though the "Everyone Welcome" sign suggests that the congregation is non-denominational.

Mission appearances

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online


  • Letter Scrap
    • One on the small island in the Pacific Bluffs cemetary
    • One in the Great Chaparral cemetery.


  • Pistol - in one of the empty plots in the Great Chaparral cemetery.

Stationary vehicles

  • Romero - in the Pacific Bluffs carpark.



  • The church's name might be a reference to the fictional town Hill Valley, from the Back to the Future franchise.
  • The church is very similar to St. Brigid Baptist Church in Paleto Bay, so much that St. Brigid Baptist Church's name is located above the door of Hill Valley's. This is likely a developer's oversight, as both churches have the exact same structure and are likely copies of each other.