Hiking-GTA V

An NPC hiker.

"It's the sport preferred by lonely psychopaths and aspiring sexual offenders. Hiking has a lot to offer. Spend days in the woods only speaking to random creatures. Go mad with your own thoughts repeating over and over inside your mind. Get mauled by a wild animal. Sit in darkness wondering what lurks in the distance ready to kill you. Fantasize about women. Hiking is a healthy sport for all to enjoy."
―GTA V website.

Hiking is a beta feature that was going to be introduced in Grand Theft Auto V.

There were some instances in pre-release artworks and trailers of the game which depicted pedestrians hiking on trails around Mount Chiliad, complete with large backpacks and other assorted hiking gear, and this led players to believe that hiking was going to be implemented as a mini-game. However, the final version of the game does not feature any sort of mini-game involving hiking, and it is unknown whether or not this feature was going to be in the game in the first place. Many pedestrians can be found hiking on trails and around mountains; furthermore, the player can go hiking anywhere at their own discretion, however their ability to do so is not a part of any sort of mini-game.

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