The Highmen Group is a multinational conglomerate in the HD Universe.


The Highmen Group is a conglomorate owned by Jefferson Springfield Jr. The Company provides a wide range of products and services, the most notable being Highmen Spacetours which has its own website in The Lost and Damned.


The Highmen Group is a clear parody of the Virgin Group, since "highmen" phonetically sounds exactly like "hymen", which is often referred to as a sign of female virginity. It is also a play on the words "high men", or men high on drugs.

Services and Divisions

Name Type Primary Real World Equivalent
Highmen Spacetours space travel service Virgin Galactic
Highmen Music Music Store Virgin Records
Highmen Soft drinks Soft Drink Beverage Virgin Cola
Highmen Airlines Aerial Transport Service Virgin America
Virgin Atlantic
Highmen Hot Air Balloons Aerial Transport Service Virgin Balloon Flights
Highmen Train Railroad Travel Service Virgin Trains
Highmen Banking Banking and Money Virgin Money
Highmen Cellphones Cellphone Service Virgin Mobile
Highmen Condoms Birth Control
Highmen Firearms Weapon Manufacturing
Highmen Gold Teeth Dental Jewelry
Highmen Vodka Alcoholic Beverage Virgin Vodka
Highmen Arctic Camping Gear Arctic Camping Gear
Highmen Submarines Submarine Ride Service Virgin Oceanic
Highmen Base-jumping Base-jumping Expedition Service Virgin Holidays
Highmen Urns Ceremonial Urns


Highmen Spacetours has a website in The Lost and Damned.



  • The Highmen logo uses the ITC Berranger Hand typeface.
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